To Give Up or Not to Give Up

Earlier this week, I attended a Weight Watchers meeting at work. The topic this time was adding the routine of eating fruits and vegetables with all meals and snacks, something I’ve been trying to be more conscious about lately. We got on the topic of ways we have made some of our favorite foods a little healthier and  somehow the topic of my morning coffee came up.

Being Puerto Rican, I grew up drinking a lot of cafe con leche. Read: lots of milk and sugar with a splash of coffee. Over the years the need for stronger coffee and less milk has led us to big pots of regular coffee and cream. Since I started WW however, I have worked my way down from 2-3 12 oz cups of coffee a day  to one 12 oz. travel tumbler a day and roughly 2 tablespoons of half and half and raw cane sugar. All in all about 2-3 points for coffee which isn’t much but I was surprised at the raised eyebrows when I said I still liked cream in my coffee. Not fat-free half and half (which is sweetened with corn syrup by the way) and not regular milk. Cream. I like cream in my coffee. And then I went on to say that this is just one of those things I’m not willing to give up, the points are worth it to me. (Quick note: WW does not actually discourage giving up certain foods, you eat what you want, you just learn how to manage the quantity and frequency of your choices)


After that, I got to thinking: what are the things we are simply not willing to give up when we are trying to make some pretty dramatic changes? It’s not realistic to give up everything we have ever known or grown to enjoy for the sake of conserving a few points/calories. And 2 tablespoons of half and half does not a twinkie/pizza slice/cheese fry equivalent caloric intake make. And it’s not even about the points, it’s about the necessity to still have some normalcy while adjusting to a new lifestyle. I’m happy to give up making poor choices at almost every meal. I’m happy to pay a little more when dining out if it means I can get some healthier choices. I’m also fine with holding myself accountable by working out if I choose to indulge from time to time. But I won’t give up my half and half because I just don’t want to and I am completely ok with that.

Now I open this up to you all: Is there something you aren’t willing to give up? Do you have to have a daily piece of chocolate? Do you just want butter on your popcorn when you go to a movie? Real butter on your toast? I’m not talking about a daily slice of pizza (although I would even argue in favor for that too if you really wanted it and made it work), I’m talking about choosing those little things that are considered by most diet communities as the less ideal choice. Feel free to share what you simply can’t give up, let’s get to talkin’!

Nighty night.

❤ M.

7 thoughts on “To Give Up or Not to Give Up

  1. Like you mentioned, you don’t have to give up anything on WW. I lost 75# on the plan and have been a “lifetimer” for decades having maintained my goal weight. But to answer your question, the one thing that will still put me over points are donuts. Specifically Dunkin’ Donuts buttermilk bars. I don’t really crave them but when I really want to treat myself, that’s a go-to.

  2. […] This week’s challenge was to plan out all meals for the week and share at least one day of planning with the group, in your journal, with your peers, etc. This is very easy for me since last week we did Fresh 20 (a recipe planning service I rave about all the time, check out my review here), so my lunches and dinners were covered. Having been on weight watchers for 5 months now, I have a pretty routine set of breakfasts I rotate throughout the week. Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays are my C25K days so I have eggs and usually ham too. Last week, I planned on egg, ham and cheese breakfast sandwiches. I found a great low-carb whole whet bread (only 1 P+ a slice!). These kept me full and full of energy for the better part of the morning. On less active days, I planned on oatmeal with blueberries and almond milk. I also have my 12 cup travel tumbler of coffee everyday with sweetened creamer. Yeah, yeah I know, but remember there are just things that make me happy that I don’t want to give up. […]

  3. I love this post! Normalcy! With everyone and everything getting crazier each day I want to have something normal. And it’s not like cream in your coffee is a terrible thing, it’s definitely healthier than some milk-wannabe-full-off-chemicals-fat-free coffee creamer which has 10 kcal less than cream but wrecks the hormones.

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