Weekly Weigh-In!

Welcome to my inaugural weigh-in post! Typically, I weigh-in on Mondays when I go to our weekly WW at work meeting but we were closed for MLK Jr. Day. Luckily, there is a WW center just one train stop away from my office so if I am ever in a pinch, I can get there in 10 minutes for a lunch hour meeting or stop on my way home for a weigh-in like I did today.

It was one degree in Chicago today. One. As in one single degree. Here’s the list of layers I wore today starting with the layer closest to my skin:

1. Leggings

2. Tank top

3. Knee socks

4. Regular socks

5. Slacks

6. Long sleeve shirt

7. Sweater

8. Fleece

9. Scarf

10. Full-length down parka

11. Hat and Gloves

So when I arrived to my weigh-in today I stripped. I mean I got down to just one pair of socks, leggings, slacks and tank. I was this close to taking off the slacks too, I really had no shame. But I didn’t want to scare anyone so I left them on. Once the number came up it turned out that I lost 2 pounds! That means I lost the one pound I gained last week and then another one! I’m all caught up! And I can attribute the loss to making a huge effort to exercise more. I met my personal goal of going to the gym three times last week and I achieved it and then some! I threw in an extra work-out on Saturday morning too with a little Zumba dvd action. This was especially fun when I was joined by my 19 month-old.

I even got to enjoy a night out full of gourmet burgers, fries and beeeeeer! Lots of Miller 64’s (2 points+ each, holla!) but beer nonetheless. All the extra activity I put in during the week really paid off and allowed me to enjoy myself over the weekend, guilt-free. I could really get used to this lifestyle! Work my butt off 5-6 days a week with my food intake and activity and then taking a night or two off (within reason). So basically, this very long-winded note can be summed up by this:



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