Project Unfluff Project #1: Basement Makeover-ish

For a few months now, I have very lightly dabbled with working out at home. I own an old set of Zumba DVD’s and I have Wii work out games like Wii Fit Plus, Zumba and EA Active. Prior to signing up for my gym membership, I worked out at home out of necessity but I was never really that into it. Part of the reason being that I have to share my living room with my toddler and all of her toys. Working out at home and stepping on Dora figurines is not really my idea of fun and although my daughter loves trying out Zumba with me, she is also in the same danger as her beloved figurines.

Luckily, we have the luxury of living in a two flat with a shared basement. This is somewhat rare in Chicago and a huge treat when you need extra storage and living space. I haven’t been down there in a bit but I’m coming around to the idea that  it would be a great space for working out. My neighbor mentioned this idea to me once before but I never thought anything of it until now. Now that the weather is frightful these days, I especially would love just being able to go downstairs and burn just as many calories as I would  at the gym. I’m not really sure what my plan is as of right now but here is a picture of the space.

basement before

It’s a big space and I might find a way to project the DVD onto the white wall. We shall see!

On a related note, I think I might just…be…ready to…try my first self-imposed  fitness challenge! I picked up Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred from the library and I only have it for a week but thankfully I also have friends who look out for me so I’ll be borrowing the DVD and some free weights this week. I’ve never done a 30 day anything and I’m really anxious that I’ll want to quit before I see any real results. I’ve been pleasantly surprised thus far with how much I’ve enjoyed going to the gym and how I’ve started to look forward to workout days. Lately, however, I’ve been questioning if I’m happy with my “routine” (read: lack of routine) at the gym and since a personal trainer is financially impossible at this point, I have to find other ways to delve into strength training and body-shaping. I’ll devote an entire post just to the start of the 30 Day Shred this week and hopefully I will have additional posts to follow along the way.

Tomorrow is another weigh-in and I’m feeling really good about it! Until then, night night Unfluffers!


2 thoughts on “Project Unfluff Project #1: Basement Makeover-ish

  1. Oh man! A work out space at home period is ideal. Especially when you have kids and don’t want to or can’t afford exrta day care charges. I hope you can make it happen!

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