Weekly Weigh-In and Today’s Ah-ha Moment

Do you have a habit you engage in when you’re stressed and/or anxious? I do. I pick. I touch my face a lot, I bite the skin on my lip , pick at my hairline and I once went through a stage in college when I rubbed the backs of my ears until they were raw. I know, this is a terrible and gross habit to have and quite frankly, I have only ever shared this fact about me with my partner. Soooo, feel special people! He’s particularly bothered by the lip thing since that can be pretty visible…Anyway, my point is that I often choose pretty unhealthy ways to deal with stress. If it’s not picking at my body it’s usually eating “comfort” food. Well, it was.

Today, it suddenly occurred to me that I haven’t picked at anything nor really reached for overly greasy/sweet/calorie-laden foods in quite a while. I thought about this during my entire my commute home from work tonight and I realized that my overall stress and anxiety has been significantly lower in the last month or so. What have I been doing differently this past month? Hmmmmm….ah yes! Exercise! Dang you health and medical communities for being right about all the things!

Not to mention, my increased activity has worked wonders for my WW experience. If you follow my facebook page you probably saw that I had a very exciting weigh-in this week. I lost 1.2 lbs which meant that I met my very first goal which was to lose 5% of my body weight! I am officially 12 pounds lighter and I hope to keep on adding to that number. My next goal will be 10% of my body weight and I am hopeful but I really have to focus because I can feel myself starting to get a little over-confident.

Now that my energy has increased, I feel like I can take on the world! And by world I mean a burger and tater tots. It’s true, I asked the hubs to meet me at a bar and grill after work yesterday instead of going home and cooking a much healthier chicken and bean stew. Granted, I think I actually did myself a favor because I really felt like I had to have red meat (I am slightly anemic) and I felt much better afterward but not like in a “I need to eat this in place of feeling emotions” way. It was more of a “I need this specific thing” sort of way and once I got it that was that and I was satisfied. Now, granted, I did throw in some tater tots and bite-sized corn dogs (NOT my best work) and that was problematic but one small victory I still managed to get out of the meal was that I only ate about two thirds of it. Now THAT has never happened. Not in all of my fluffy years can I recall a time when I walked away from almost half a burger and side dishes and felt fine about it. In fact, the last few times we have eaten out I have been unable to finish anything that took up more than half a [restaurant-sized] plate. I just can’t, even when I want to! And I know that as long as I keep listening to my body, I will be successful but it is literally a day-to-day, meal to meal thing.

In other news I’m joining the Plank A Day Challenge! The Fotographing Fat Kid is launching a plank a day challenge starting tomorrow and running through the entire month of February. The rules are very simple: do a plank a day for as long as possible, record your time and watch your strength improve over the next 28 days! If you want to join in, be sure to check out the event page here and join in! Happy planking!



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