Weekly Weigh-In: Ruh Roh

Oh yes. The dreaded weigh-in when the scale just about jumps up and shoves you off of your high horse. That was me today at my WW at work meeting. I knew going in that I wasn’t going to the like the number I saw on the scale today. Something about the way my pants fit this morning tipped me off to thinking “this will be no bueno” and I prepared myself emotionally as I made my way to the conference room our meetings are held in every week. And as I walked in, I remembered right then and there that today was an Open House and that I better wipe the look of disappointment off my face because I need more people to sign up so our at-work meeting option doesn’t go away!

Now granted, I know exactly why I gained the weight. Aside from the things I chose to put in my mouth, the biggest culprit was actually my pride. Last Monday, I had the pleasure of hitting my first goal on the scale which was to lose 5% of my starting weight. This was a big deal for me, I have never made a health-related goal in my life and it was a milestone. So then I started to celebrate the best way I know how: with food, duh! On Tuesday, it was a “skinny chocolate shake” which was easily 15 points. I tried to make up for it by just having that for lunch and a light dinner since I had to work late but when I got home there was leftover pizza on the table and then well…

See, what had happened was….oh forget it, it was a freakin’ free-fall of bad choices that went on from there. Suddently, it was my idea to skip the home cooked meals for a couple of nights, opting to eat out instead. I started dipping into my extra points before the weekend (which is what I usually save them for) and indulged to the fullest having attended a chef demo where two of the THREE COURSES (yikes) were paired with wines later followed by some celebratory drinks and appetizers for my brother-in-law’s birthday. If I had to pick one thing from my week of tracking that really did me in it wasn’t the burger or the pizza slice I threw in (although those did not help), it was the alcohol.

I’m only beating myself up until 1 pm today and then I am moving on with an Ambrosia apple and a mid-afternoon plank in my office. I know it’s normal to gain occasionally while trying to lose but I think this time I somehow thought I was going to come out of last week like a rockstar: still lose (even if it had just been 0.2 lbs) and prove everybody wrong about the eating and drinking rules to weight loss. But once again, I am foiled by biological science and I am not in fact a robot or Beyonce (can we talk about the amazingness that was her SB performance?!), I am human and I don’t get to defy the laws of gravity whenever I want. So I have in fact arrived back on planet earth and I’ve put my invisibility cloak back in my trunk next to my wand and Hedwig and I’m going to put my big girl pants back on (pun intended) and start over this week. The timing could not be better either since I plan on starting each day with Jillian Michael’s screams words of encouragement each morning for the next month. 

Until next time remember this Unfluffers: I am not a unicorn made of rainbows and air and neither are you. [even though that would be a much better way to live]


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