Happy Valentines Day! Top 14 Things I Love About Project Unfluff

Good evening Unfluffers! You’re probably digesting a delicious meal or dessert or adult beverage or in my case all three… I had a lovely dinner with my husband and daughter tonight. We made Mexican Shrimp Cocktail (Coctel de Camaron) served with whole grain saltines and paired that with green wine (so yummy!). This was followed by a strawberries and cream layered torte. Yes, most of it was pretty rich and heavy on the points, but I’ve been preparing for this meal all day with some extra walking and a points-conscious lunch. It was worth it, I regret nothing. Nothing I say!

Here are some pictographic highlights from my day: Dinner, my Femin-Awesome Valentine’s Day gift and sharing my treat with my little lady.

cake coctel photo (23)us

So to honor the 14th of February I have compiled a list of my top 14 things I LOVE about doing Project Unfluff. So, without further adooooo….

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1. Last night I bought work pants TWO SIZES smaller than the ones I was sadly holding up with a belt and a prayer.

2. Planning ahead for treats and special meals makes them taste so much better!

3. My energy level is through the roof every day. I get so much done!

4. Consequently, I am also dead tired by bed time and I’ve been sleeping like a baby, even though I have a baby!

5. I’m always toning my legs and booty since now I prefer to take the stairs.

6. I save so much money not going out to lunch and instead packing my lunch and snacks each day.

7. Eating said packed lunch at my desk while I work means more time to do other things like enjoying a lunch hour walk around the Magnificent Mile.

8. Staying hydrated makes for clearer skin and less of that icky dried out feeling from sitting in heat all day.

9. I’m rediscovering clothes that haven’t fit well for a while.

10. As my core gets a little stronger, I stand up a little straighter, improving my posture over time.

11. Today, I was able to bend all the way over my middle to tie my shoes instead of having to angle one way or another to get around my belly fluff.

12. Mancakes did yoga on his own the other day! Ya get up at 5:30 am enough times and well…

13. I barely drink anymore so that makes me a cheap date!

14. Our kid, our friends and our families are all on board with trying healthier foods with us and that, my friends, is HUGE.

Feel free to add any of your top Unfluffing perks in the comments!

Wishing you all peace, love and bacon carrots ❤


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