Weekly Weigh-In and 30 Day Shred Update


Frankly, I’m surprised! I indulged a bit this weekend and I was sure I would at least not see any change on the scale this week but as it turns out the magical weight watchers way wins again! The tracking has finally become second nature to and so has the habit of watching my portions. Even when I feel like I could get crazy and down an entire restaurant-sized entrée, I can’t make it past a little more than half the plate anymore. It seems my stomach capacity has decreased and I feel full much faster than before. By golly, weight loss, you’re changing my life!

As of today I have now completed 12 days of the 30 days shred! I started Level 2 last week and it is kicking my butt. Before, I was doing it every day but now I feel like I can’t do that because it’s much more intense and I need a day to let my body recover. My at-work WW meeting leader suggested I go back to Level 1 on my in-between days which is genius! Seriously, why didn’t I think of that? So I think I’ll do that instead so that I don’t skip out entirely on my activity points.


And now, after years of thinking about it and talking about it, mancakes and I have finally started dabbling with yoga! We have uncovered a fun little app for our iPhones and iPads. It’s called Pocket Yoga and you can do a 30 minute, 45 minute or 60 minute session at 3 different levels of difficulty and 3 practices.  There is also the option to do a Sun Salutation only for a quick shot-oh-yoga. All routines include soothing music and a choice of a mountain, ocean or desert background. I did a six-minute (2 reps) Sun Salutation before bed last night and it was a pretty great idea. This option also works really well for me and the hubs because we are very new to yoga and this is a great way to start doing it for cheap with the luxury of stumbling around in the comfort of your own home.  The app is $2.99 and you can get a yoga mat at TJMaxx or Marshall’s for an easy $8 and BAM! Instant yoga studio at home for 11 bucks! You’re welcome.

I’m really curious, how many of you exclusively work out at home? I still have my gym membership but I haven’t been there since I started the Shred and I’m up in the air as to whether or not I want to go back. The gym I belong to does not have any classes so it’s just machines and weights. How have some of you worked with a gym like this? All opinions are welcome.

Ciao Unfluffers!

❤ M.


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