Weekly Weigh-In! “I wanna lose ___ pounds.”

I almost went to bed without a weekly weigh-in post! Sorry, I’ve been single-momming it these last few days. Mancakes is off in Vegas gallivanting the casinos and enlightening higher ed folks with his masterful intellect and sweet social-justicey ways. Meanwhile, I’m living the dream in the middle of a snow storm trying to rationalize with a 21 month old why she needs to wait 90+ seconds for her oatmeal to be ready while she throws the mother of all tantrums before 7 am.

Anywho, let’s talk about Regina George instead. Who remembers this from Mean Girls?


Who doesn’t!? If you’re feeling awkward, I’ma need you to rent and watch Meangirls ASAP. Get with pop culture or get off my blog! I’m totally Regina George when it comes to fixating on a number. Ever since I began WW in November, I have been saying to myself “I wanna lose 20 pounds”. For some reason, 20 pounds is like, IT. Well, not “it” as in “that’s all! I’m done!”- but 20 pounds has always sounded like a milestone to me. 20 pounds is a significant amount of weight for anyone to lose and for me it would mean so much to be able to say that I lost this very even, very robust amount of weight. It is also an important number to me because the last time I saw my mom, which was over Thanksgiving, she had arrived after having lost 20 pounds. She looked like she felt like a million bucks and it was then that I decided I wanted to pay it forward. And it just so happens that she will be here tomorrow! And I am soooo close! Take a look:


EEK! I’m 1.6 lbs away from my first personal weight loss goal! I’m so close I can taste it! And well, technically speaking, although my mom will be in town tomorrow, she won’t be staying WITH ME until next week so I get one more weigh-in before she actually sleeps in our guest room…it’s on like donkey kong weight loss! Watch yo’self, fluff!

Also, Tuesdays are my new weigh-in days since my at-work meetings are now over. This means I have to take the train one stop to a WW center and today’s noon meeting was AWESOME! Darlene is the business, she is so energetic and fun and the group was really great. There’s even an older couple that attend this meeting and they are both doing WW and it’s adorable. I feel more at home with this group, it should be good stuff.

How’s everybody doing?? Any triumphs or setbacks to report? Anyone have any advice for little ‘ol me??

Goodnight Unfluffers!

❤ M.


5 thoughts on “Weekly Weigh-In! “I wanna lose ___ pounds.”

  1. Wow, congratulatons! You’re so close to 20 pounds! My “Regina’ number is 15 pounds. I’ve lost 8 on WW since the beginning of the year (about a pound a week), so I have several more weeks.

    Glad to hear your new meeting location is working out well for you. Keep up the great work!

  2. Great job on the progress! You’re doing awesome and it’s wonderful to hear how enthusiastic you are about getting healthier. One thing I’ll say about getting to “the number” is that, for me at least, it never stops at one number. Getting to your 20lb goal might make you go “hmm. what CAN’T I accomplish?! How about 30lbs?” This can lead to a sense of general dissatisfaction and the feeling that you are never “THERE”. I think you have a much healthier mindset than I do about weight and self-esteem, but I’ll just remind you to really celebrate all you have accomplished and try to enjoy every milestone without prematurely looking toward the next goal post. Love and hugs to ya!

    • Thanks Erin! I know what you mean about always looking ahead. Perhaps it’s the fact that I have no idea what my final goal weight looks like or the fact that I still plan on having one (maybe 2!) more children that keeps me from really fixating on a definite end. It’s just that 20 lbs is this weird number that has a halo around it when I see an image of it in my brain. Who knows what will be next but the only thing I can focus on next is to make it to finish line of my first 5K, whatever that entails!

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