Weekly Weigh-In: At Least There Are NSV’s


I almost made it! I weighed in today a mere 0.4 lbs from hitting 20 lbs lost overall! Although it’s not the goal I set out to meet by the time my mom got here, it’s still really stinkin’ close! And any week I lose a pound or more is a good week! PLUS, I hit 5% of my body weight lost yet again! That’s a great victory if you ask me. In addition to today’s successful weigh-in, I also have a few NSV’s to report! First off, the peacoat that fit a mere two months ago is huuuuuge on me now! I mean, I am swimming in this thing, check it out!



(I can roll it up in the middle!)

Also, I walked into Nordstrom Rack yesterday on my lunch break and perused the clothing section. I found a sweater dress there and tried it on. It almost fit! Now, NR does not really carry plus sizes, the largest I’ve seen there is maybe an 18 in pants but they mostly carry 14-16/XL or smaller. This dress was an XL and let me tell ya, I haven’t been that size since high school. This means I’m getting closer to almost being able to shop anywhere which is one of my biggest goals I want to achieve. Watch out budget!

So although I didn’t lose as much as I though I would (I was dreaming up -2’s and stuff), the inches are creeping off, that’s for sure! I’m excited to measure myself once I kick Jillian’s butt out of my house. I am sure that I will see a big difference then.

Hasta la pasta kale chips, Unfluffers!

❤ M.


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