Weekly Weigh-In!!


The line on my weight tracker chart keeps going down, down, down. I attribute my bigger losses these last few weeks to the addition of pure cardio back into my weekly work outs. These last 6 weeks or so were spent in my living room with Jillian doing the 30 Day Shred. Although this was a great work out that helped me lose weight and inches, I wasn’t getting an intense enough burn from the 30 min/day work outs. Two weeks ago, however, I started going back to the gym for cardio and wow how it’s made a difference! I am back to bringing my heart rate way up and sweating like crazy and I’m pushing my body harder too!

In turn, I am also soooo freakin’ hungry! I know I’m probably just adjusting to the added exercise so it’s probably temporary. I don’t mind giving into these cravings (within reason) since everyone knows, a fed and watered Mariana is a happy, healthier-feeling Mariana. So I’m definitely keeping the cardio routine up! Yes, I am aware that strength training is also important and I plan on incorporating that in at least 2 days a week but I really like the results and the little high I get from the cardio. Speaking of which, who’s up for a new challenge!? I know I am!

Here are the 3 Challenges I will be doing for the next 3 months, all of them simultaneously!

My Couch to 5K Challenge that Anyone Can Join!

Gwyspiration for Weight Loss’ 3 Month Challenge

A Merry Life’s Diet Bet

Ooooo I am so excited to be so motivated! Everywhere I turn BOOM! Challenge! Boom! Support group! Boom competitors! Knowing me, this smells like a recipe for success. Please feel free to join me for any or all of these!


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