What I Love About Me Wednesday!

Every Wednesday I will feature something about me that I love! Let me explain: all this Unfluffing might make it seem as though I am/was unhappy with my body but quite the contrary! I was unhappy with my lack of energy, my poor eating choices and my unending progression to larger clothing sizes that meant I had to keep spending money in order to wear clothes that fit.I didn’t have something that was truly mine, that I could rely on to really challenge myself and push me to newer and higher limits.

On Project Unfluff, you might notice I’m not really into body shaming, I don’t believe in using shame as a way to motivate us to make changes. I am all about celebrating and challenging our abilities as well as building healthier relationships with food and exercise. Human beings are not designed to be sedentary which is why you feel soooo good after a work out or a nutritious meal- we were designed to keep it moving and to not eat things that come out of factories and warehouses!

Furthermore, I must admit, I love the heck out of my body and nothing motivates me more than making something great of it.  I may not like what it can or can’t do sometimes, but I do love it unconditionally at the end of the day. This one and only body that I have has been through so much and I wouldn’t trade it in for all the skinny females in the world. This body has made it through awkward middle and high school years, all-nighters in college (both academic and social), break-ups, falling in love, wedding planning, graduate school and most importantly, my body allowed me to grow and feed the most important little lady in my life.

I owe my body so much already for giving me so many incredible experiences and that I’m paying me back for everything! My thinking has now shifted from “if I make this choice, others will probably think ___ about me…” to “what can I do to nourish myself and feel good today? what can I do to make up for some of the not so great choices I have made this week that will help me move forward? what can I challenge myself to do today that I’ve never done before?”  <— (running!!!) It’s when I attempt to answer these questions that I get to experience the rush of discovering all the new things I can do (I mean really Jillian Michaels, you should send me a medal) and tastes I never thought I’d enjoy.

Phew! Ok, back to my point. Every Wednesday, I will not be featuring a part of me that I LOVE, whether it’s physical or related to my life in a very important way. Most importantly, I invite YOU, my readers, Facebook fans, Twitter followers, etc. to reflect on and share what you love about you too! You wouldn’t be here, reading this, if some part of you wasn’t thinking about the same things I often share about my own health journey.

And now for the good stuff! Today’s WILAM isssss……my eyes! I am famous for my peepers, it’s true! I have these huge, hazel-ish eyes with long lashes for curling and adding mascara and vast eyelid space for eyeshadows and liner. I love my eyes because they allow me to see the beauty in all things around me and they are the first feature most people notice about me. But the best thing about my eyes? I’ve passed them on to my daughter and now I get to see what everyone else has always talked about my whole life. Lucky me and lucky you!

this isn’t creepy or anything

And now it’s your turn! Take a second to look in the mirror or just really think about the things that you love about you! What makes you stand out not matter what size or stage you are in life? We all have SOMETHING and if you’ve never been asked this before, well, there’s a first time for everything.

❤ M.

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