Taking Up Less Space (And Finally: 30 Day Shred Wrap Up!)

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This past week I started to notice something: I’m taking up a little less space than I used to. Living in a congested city like Chicago, space can be rather limited in places like public transportation, popular attractions and even the teeny tiny bonus half bathroom you might manage to score in your two flat you pay an arm and a leg for. This past week, Chicago Public School students were back from Spring Break and thus my very spacious bus and train rides were no more. Teenagers were back in droves, riding my beloved #80 bus and red line, taking up every inch of space with their morning naps, overloaded backpacks and last minute homework sessions. On Thursday morning I squirmed my way to the back of the bus to the only seat left between two very sleepy adolescent boys. Since I started commuting to work in late October, I have dreaded these sandwich seats because they usually meant having to squeeze in between people, making it abundantly clear that I took up a lot of space. As I approached this seat on Thursday, feeling as though I was back in high school once again, I braced myself for another embarrassing squeeze. Well, well, whadayaknow? I slid right in like a toddler covered in baby oil! There was very little maneuvering and overall awkwardness and I wished very badly that I could have high fived one of those boys but that would have been like totes uncool, amiright?

And then there was the park. Due to the awesome weather that finally showed up this week, we went to the park twice this weekend with babycakes. To my utter delight, I was able to get on a swing without feeling it pinch the outside of my thighs (you know what I’m talking about ladies). I also managed to get down the slide without getting stuck because of my width. Do you know how long it’s been since I’ve been able to go down a slide like that? At least least junior of undergrad (read: 8 years ago people!). It was after this that I realized: holy goodness, I’m taking up less space! Hooo yeah!

One of the many things I have struggled with the most in my obesity (<– um, I don’t like that at all! never typing that out again…) has been the fact that maneuvering in and out of tight, crowded spaces is not only difficult, it can be down right embarrassing. Not that I was embarrassed about my overall existence, more like “hey buddy, I don’t really WANT to rub my enormous chest/butt/belly all over you but in order for me to get off this train, that’s what’s gonna have to happen. I’m not too thrilled either.” On the one hand, I’ve always been an advocate for body appreciation. On the other hand, when size of airplane/concert hall/bus seats don’t practice body appreciation too, things are just plain uncomfortable and unpleasant. So I’ve given in to all the anti-fluffy spaces out there (you win this time southwest airlines!) and I have to say, I can’t complain.

And now the moment you’ve all more than likely some of you have been waiting for: the results from my 30 Day Shred challenge! Ok, so I dropped the ball on this challenge because somewhere between day 27 and day 30 I lost interest and about 3 weeks went by before the last workout.

I started this challenge very strong! I did Level 1 and 2 almost every day, 10 days for each level. If I took a break, it was because I was probably woken up by toddler illness/nightmares or too sore to function. When I reached Level 3, I was not only thrilled to have made it that far, I was also impressed that I didn’t find it that much more difficult than Level 2…until the lower back pain started. The thing I loved about Level 3 was that the workouts were much more slow and steady (and there was a lot of lying down, yesssss!). But these slow and steady moves took a toll on my lower back as they are designed to work the abs and the back for an overall stronger core. This is what slowed me down greatly and created a lot of lag time in between workouts and eventually, I brought back heavy cardio which jump started bigger losses at the weigh-ins again and I just kind of set 30DS aside. This week however, I picked it back up one more time so that I could FINALLY complete the last workout. And so here I finally am, a belated graduate of 30 Day Shred! Below are my results but please note that after I completed about 25 days, I switched back to cardio so a few extra pounds may be attributed to that!

30 Day Shred Results (plus some extra cardio)

Start Date: February 4, 2013

End Date: April 4, 2013

Weight Lost -10 lbs
Dress Size Change – 1 size
Waist -2 inches
Hips -1.75 inches
Bust -3 inches
Right Arm +0.5 inches
Right Thigh -0.2 inches
Total Inches Lost 7.45 inches

And of course pictures. Not TOO much of a difference but I did drop a size so I’m happy! Sorry for the weird angles/faces. (lefts are before, rights are after)

photo (38)

photo (39)

photo (40)


Well there you have it people! Jillian Michaels’ hips don’t lie! She’s a wizard of all things weight loss! Seriously, it was probably around day 20, end of Level 2 when I woke up one morning, looked in the mirror and said: WHOA. My body was different, the shape had changed and suddenly everything just fit differently. Not only that, my first workout in the gym after being away for over a month was incredible! My fitness level had improved so much after 30DS that I was adding more resistance, speed and incline on the elliptical, stair master and treadmill. This will more than likely be my winter/rainy day/shape-targeting go-to plan! Seriously, this thing produces results, ya gotta try it Unfluffers! If you want even more proof, check out this tumblr that posts 30 DS results from others who have tried it!

What have you tried that made a huge difference in your fitness level and/or body shape? Please share, I’m dying to know!

Nighty-night! ❤


2 thoughts on “Taking Up Less Space (And Finally: 30 Day Shred Wrap Up!)

  1. I love your Before and After progression! You are doing it and I’m proud of you (even if I don’t “know” you, I know your character. The proof is in the photos 🙂 Good job!

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