Weekly Weigh-In: By the seat of my (loose) pants.

maryPhew! I cut it close this week! If you’ve followed my four previous weigh-ins you might have noticed how although I have lost every week since late February, my pace has slowed down and I’m pretty sure last week was my final week of trying to get away with after dinner snacking and some questionable meal choices. The week after I started training for my June 5K, my weight loss jumped up and I was voraciously hungry all day everyday. I went way beyond my points these last few weeks and I’ve gotten away with it but now that I’m running at least 3 days a week if not more, I think my metabolism and my body have gotten used to the cardio increase and I need to start cracking back down on my food choices.

It’s a good thing my support system is literally growing everyday! Along with Gwynspiration for Weight Loss’ 3 Month Healthy Habits Challenge that I have been doing for almost 3 weeks now, I am also now a Featured Follower for Single Dad Becoming Rad which is a support and challenge group for weight loss and increased endurance. AND I signed up for my very first DietBet! I’m doing A Merry Life’s Spring Diet Bet. If I lose 4% of my current body weight in 4 weeks, starting April 20th, I get to split the pot with all other winners! Talk about a huge amount of motivation!

Between my continued 5K training and adding strength training back in, I think I can be successful. As long as I’m also disciplined in the kitchen too! In other words, today’s post weigh-in french fries were my last for a while. At least the ketchup was organic?? Yesss???? Ok, ok fine.

just look at that though...mmmm...i mean NO! no. (image source: http://recipes.howstuffworks.com/what-are-french-fries.htm)
just look at that though…mmmm…i mean NO! no. (image source: http://recipes.howstuffworks.com/what-are-french-fries.htm)

❤ M.


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