Weekly Weigh-In: The End of a Calorically Delicious Era


And there it is. Still not a gain, but only a fraction of a loss. I’ll take it but not without being reminded that my slippage in food choices has finally caught up to me. Last week, I kinda freaked out and ate a lot of sweets, pasta and bread. I want to blame my special lady time but quite frankly, I’ve gotten through several of those already with just enough restraint to not go overboard and hit the free lunch buffet twice (like I did last week)

So now that I’ve been reality-checked by the scale today, it’s a really good time to turn this ship around! And it’s perfect timing because tomorrow my very first DietBet begins! I have a month to lose about 8 lbs so I really can’t play around with my nutrition. I gotta keep that on lock down if I want to win some money. I’ve been contemplating a few things I might try to make my win more likely:

1. Try boot camp or Insanity or a true 30 days of 30 Day Shred again. Basically, strength training circuits are what I know are going to help melt the pounds away.

2. Switch from the Tracking Method to the Simply Filling Method on Weight Watchers. Since I started WW, I have tracked and calculated points for everything. I’m a little tired of doing that and I find that I start to obsess a little too much about point values and earning activity points. By switching to Simply Filling, I’ll have to stick to what WW calls Power Foods which are basically, fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, lean meats and proteins and non-fat dairy. Anything that you eat that’s not on the list can be tracked and deducted from your weekly points (still 49). The rest, as long as they’re power foods, don’t have to be tracked but if you do, they don’t count against your daily points plus value. Basically, it’s clean eating and anything that’s not clean should be tracked and deducted.

3. Instead of eating my activity points (or for you calorie trackers, eating the calories you burned off in exercise), I’m going to try to not touch them at all. Right now, I have them set to daily use but I’m going to try not using them at all. Obviously, i don’t want to let myself get too hungry so as long as I’m loading up on power foods, I should be fine!

The way I see it, it couldn’t hurt to try something new. Variety is a great remedy to slumps in weight loss and although I wouldn’t say I’m in a slump right now, I’m getting close and I can’t let that happen if I want to have a chance at this bet.

I do have some NSV’s to report however! First, this weekend I pulled out some jeans I almost gave away because when I bought them at the thrift store without trying them on, they were too small. These are regular sized jeans, NOT “W” jeans which for those that don’t know, a “W” next to a number size indicates it’s a Woman-size, aka plus size. Well I pulled those bad boys out on Sunday after realizing that my W’s were getting a little loose and low-and-behold the regular jeans fit! I felt awesome all day! Seriously I just wanted to check my butt out in every reflective surface I walked by. Next, I took a chance on a smaller raincoat when I found one on clearance last week.I figured I was still losing weight, it would be a good piece to work into along the way. Well that coat fit much better today than it did just 5 days ago! Last, I also measured myself this morning. I’m down 2.8 inches since April 2nd! Since I began this journey, I have now lost 11.3 inches! That’s almost a foot of fluff, folks! <–say that 5 times fast.

In other news, I’m in the process of writing a post all about my favorite fitness apps! Stay tuned for that one.

❤ M.


3 thoughts on “Weekly Weigh-In: The End of a Calorically Delicious Era

  1. .2 is pretty much a stick of butter. Paula Deen is weeping somewhere because of that! 😉

    Good luck this week with the new changes you’re trying out! You’ve got this and can’t wait to see your report next week!

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