Sick Day? Ohhhkay.

It’s been a rough couple of nights. Babycakes has been sick with a fever and a terrible cough. She has barely slept and neither have her parents. Yesterday morning, between digging out the children’s Motrin and making coffee, I had one ridiculously pounding headache. I threw in the towel on making it into work and decided to stay home. Babycakes and I hung out on the couch most of the day, both of us throwing back ibuprofen and soup. She napped twice while I attempted to nap once with little success. I’ve never had a migraine before but I’d say this one was probably close. After laying down for 30 minutes with a pillow over my eyes, things started to clear up. Finally! It only took until 2 pm…

Once mancakes was home, I figured exercise might help me push through the little bit of ick I was feeling so I went for a run. Runkeeper’s 5K training program only required 2 miles of me yesterday which was all I could really muster anyway. What a difference sunshine and almost no wind makes! I flew threw that run and was at my fastest pace yet! You can see the difference between my last 2 mile and yesterday’s:



Note that the pace time includes the 5 minute warm up walk. I’m really excited that I’m getting better at this whole running thing. Well that’s an update for now! I swear I’m working on that exercise apps post!

❤ M.


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