Suggestion Box: My Favorite Fitness Apps

I’m sure by now you have noticed that I’m pretty into technology as it relates to health and fitness. I adore discovering new apps that help me learn new exercises, track my foods and log my activity. I use a lot of apps folks, a lot! There’s so much to choose from these days and when it comes to pretty much any form of exercise or nutrition plan, there really is an app for that! This post could get really long if I list all of the apps I use so for the purpose of keeping it somewhat brief, I will focus on Fitness apps today and will soon publish a post on Nutrition and Tracking apps.

My Favorite Fitness Apps

1. Runkeeper (Free)

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I lerve RK. Seriously, it is one of the coolest apps because it does several things all at once: maps your activity, tracks your time, pace and calories burned, provides training programs for various kinds of races including 5K and 10K, allows you to set goals, and provides you with progress reports along the way. It is also one of the most popular apps that sync with other fitness apps such as MyFitnessPal, LoseIt, GymPact, etc. I also like that you can hide your GPS map from your social media accounts if you decide to link it with Facebook and/or Twitter. The MapMyRun/Walk and Runtastic apps usually post your route automatically if you choose to sync with FB or Twitter and I like having some control over that. Not to mention it’s just a more visually appealing tracker too. No ads or clutter, just straight up information about your awesome ass-haulin’ skillz. Check it:


2. GymPact (Free)

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Make money for working out. I repeat: make money for working out. Gympact is an awesome and very motivating tool for staying on top of your weekly workouts! The concept here is that you set a goal for how many workouts you want to complete every week. You then select your stakes which is how much money you pay out for every workout you miss a week from your goal. Here is a picture of what this looks like:


This is an actual screenshot of my weekly pact. If I miss one of these 5 workouts from Sunday-Saturday, I owe $5 per workout I miss. If I make my goal, I will earn money! Where does the money come from? Well, from those who didn’t complete their pact that week. In other words, gympacters fund their own pacts. After my first week of trying this and meeting my pact goal, I earned $1.14. You can cash out your reward money when you have made at least $10. The app tracks your workouts in several ways: sync with RunKeeper, use the workout tracker built into the app itself or check in to your gym once you arrive. Either way, you have to allow the app to use location services or GPS on your phone. This is how the app knows you’re actually moving and not just saying you’re working out. AND, you must clock in at least 30 minutes of exercise or it doesn’t count towards your pact. Basically, it’s your workout babysitter. If I’m going to work my butt off every week anyway, I might as well get paid for it! And I’m not trying to lose money so I will definitely find ways to keep my pact and make the 5 workouts. If you want to check this app out, here is my referral code to earn $5 right away!: 3d2c138dbc

3. Pocket Yoga ($2.99)

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I’m not going to say that I am cheap but I really can’t afford to shell out money for gyms AND boot camps AND yoga classes etc. And yes, I know that if I join the RIGHT gym, I won’t have to pay extra for group classes. But as of right now, I haven’t found one in my price range near my home (no more that $20-30 a month) so in the meantime, yoga at home it is! Pocket yoga is a great app for full-length yoga sessions at home or on the go. At home, I can mirror this app onto my TV using our Apple TV and my iPhone. On the go, I can use my phone or iPad to engage in some yoga-licious moves. There are 3 sequences to choose from plus 2 sun salutation sequences. You can choose your difficulty level, length of time you’d like to workout and even the background image. Each workout includes soothing music and vocal instruction. If you don’t know a move, you can view each individual pose with its explanation and instructions on how to do them. See?


4. Nike Training Club (Free)

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I STILL cannot believe this app is free. The fact that this exists and doesn’t cost anything means there’s really no reason to ever join a gym or buy a fitness dvd. This app has everything: workouts for specific goals (Get Lean, Get Toned, Get Strong, Get Focused), choice of fitness level (Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced), choice of specific exercise combinations, how-to videos for each individual exercise and a tracker for completed workouts.The best part about this app is the huge amount of variety you get! You get at least 3 30 minute and 3 45 minute work out sequences at each level under each goal set! For example, if you choose Get Lean, you then choose your difficulty level and choose 1 of 6 workouts found under that difficulty level! Talk about an endless amount of workouts. Jillian Michaels, have you seen this??


5. YouTube (Free)

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I know what you’re thinking: silly Mariana, YouTube isn’t a fitness app! Well actually…it can be! There are hundreds, no, thousands of workout videos on YouTube for free! My favorite channel is the BeFit channel where you can find full length workouts from Denise Austin, Jillian Michaels, Billy Blanks Jr., Sadie Nardini and more (all the folks produced by Lionsgate). There’s also plenty of other channels loaded with videos like the Daily HIIT, PopSugarFitness, CrossFit, etc. If I’m away from home, and my phone crashes and deletes all of my apps, I can still pull up youtube in the web browser and go, go, go! Following a fitness routine has never been so frugal! Not to mention, there’s even less of a reason to avoid a workout now than ever before 😉 Oh look…one of my absolute faves….**cough NOT**

6. SworkIt (Free for Regular, $0.99 for Pro)

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Do you only have 15 minutes to squeeze a workout in but don’t quite know what exercises to run through in so little time? SworkIt is a great app for that. You choose from a group of exercises (either Strength Training or Yoga, Cardio & More), the kind of workout you want (Full body, core, lower body, etc.) and then the amount of time you want to workout. Once you do that, you hit start, and it walks you through a circuit of exercises. The app also includes how-to videos for each move.


So there you have it! Those are my favorite fitness apps! I have to say that without these mobile options, I don’t think I would be as compelled to stay on top of my workouts. The way my brain works is pretty much, if I have it on me, I have the means and very little excuse not to at least try to move my body. Not to mention, apps like RunKeeper and NTC allow me to look back and actually see how much I have actually accomplished. There’s nothing better than seeing how many miles I have run this week and what my latest achievements are. Being able to connect these apps with my social media platforms also helps me stay accountable, invites others to cheer me on and every once in a while, inspires somebody out there to get movin’.

I am always open to trying something new. Please share in the comments if there are any fitness apps you’ve come across that have helped you stay active!

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