Weekly Weigh-In: Say Whaaaaat???

I have A LOT to discuss tonight! Let’s start with last week and work our way up. So as you probably recall, last week’s weigh-in was…for lack of a better term, crap. Although granted, Brooke from Brooke Not On A Diet reminded me that a loss is a loss and mine was probably the equivalent of a stick of butter so I really can’t be so down. But alas, that WI did bring me down a bit and I was feeling pretty discouraged and a bit burnt out for the rest of the week. Just yesterday, David from Single Dad Becoming Rad was just checking in to see how my nutrition and fitness was going and I pretty much confessed that my fitness is what’s keeping my progress afloat these days. I haven’t gone crazy and binged on unhealthy stuff but I’ve been getting tired of tracking and a little less mindful of my eats. I’ve been doing Weight Watchers for 5 months now and I have tracked everyday. I’m le tired of that but it’s such an engrained habit now that I’m afraid that if I don’t track, I’ll get irresponsible and make mindless choices. I’m considering challenging myself to go a week without tracking just to see how I do but I’ll wait until after my diet bet is over.

There have been loads of victories this past week too! First and most obvious, how about my weigh-in!?


Wow! I haven’t lost that much in a week since last month and I will attribute this loss to the lunch time workouts I got in at work last week and my effort to stand at my work desk as much as possible throughout the day (I’m going on 5 days now!). Additionally, although I felt icky yesterday, I still managed to make it through my workout. My RunKeeper assignment was to run 2.5 miles so off I went to my new favorite park for a run after work and although I made it to the park by jogging I struggled with the wind since there are no buildings to break it up in the park. I was still hurtin’ from Saturday’s run and I wasn’t feeling my best either but I did manage to run all the way home once I hit buildings. After getting home for some hydration and dinner, I took a long Epsom salt bath to ease the pain in my legs and detox whatever ick was trying to stick around in my body. I hit the hay still sweating the toxins out (icky I know) and woke up feeling so much better! Seriously, try an Epsom salt detox bath whenever you are sore or feel sickness coming on, it does wonders! Here’s a link for a how-to detox bath.

Today only made this new week better. I went to work in a dress I bought 4 years ago but never wore because it was always too tight. When I bought it, I planned to work my way into it but as it turns out, it took me 4 years to get here. Regardless, I felt like a champ and I think I looked great, check it:

Blurry picture! I mean "action shot"
Blurry picture! I mean “action shot”

I finally made it to a WW meeting today after only going to weigh-in the last 3 weeks.  I’ve been booked around lunch time on my meeting days the last few weeks but today, I finally made it to a meeting and what a day to be able to go! It turned out to be a Mariana party because I got to celebrate 3 huge milestones: another 5 lb loss, losing more than 25 lbs total and losing at least 10% of my starting weight! I got two very important tokens today to mark my accomplishments and I am so excited! Check out my WW BLANG BLANG!

photo (1)

This was timely too as today’s topic was about anchors or symbols/items that remind us why we are working so hard to lose weight and get healthy. Examples of anchors might be a belt you get to tighten over time as you lose, the before picture that made you realize it’s time to change, tokens reminding you of your successes (like my new blang!) or, in my case, clothes that you hope to fit into again someday. This morning, that dress was my anchor, I’ve tried it on at least 3 times since I began this journey but today was the first time I felt good about leaving the house in it. Now and moving forward, it’s my 10% keychain and 25 lbs ring on my keys that will remind me how far I’ve come and to keep pushing forward.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you about all the stuff I needed to talk about today! Tomorrow is another exciting day, I get to do my first weigh-in as a Single Dad Becoming Rad Featured Follower! I’ve been a part of the FB group for over a week now and everyone has been really supportive and so inspirational! We weigh-in once a month, work to increase our running pace time and set health goals. Also, each month David works really hard to do a giveaway too so like his page if you want to get in on that! This month, he’s giving away two free entries for the Warrior Dash and two free entries for the Color Run! Last month it was a Kindle sooo…there’s some good stuff goin’ on there!

Alright I’m tired. It’s been an exciting day and I am fired up and ready to make it this best week ever! What are you doing to rock it out this week??

❤ M.

5 thoughts on “Weekly Weigh-In: Say Whaaaaat???

  1. Excellent work and congratulations on all your accomplishments!!! It’s this kind of progress that kept me going, and still keeps that fire burning within me now! You look so beautiful in your dress, and I can see your confidence shining through. Keep up that fabulous momentum, and thanks for the epsom salt bath tip – definitely will try it next time I’m down!

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