Weekly Weigh-In: It Had to Happen


Well Unfluffers, all good things must come to an end…like 9 straight weeks of weight loss. To my credit, I had some struggles last week that were out of my control.

For starters, allergy season is in full force and this might be the worst one I have ever experienced. Right now, I’m taking two different 24 hour allergy meds and using my rescue inhaler everyday. The first half of last week I spent barely sleeping between the asthma and the post nasal…well you know. Working out was nearly impossible until later in the week because I could barely catch my breath. I also lost my voice entirely Wednesday-Saturday which made communicating in person rather difficult. I was a mess and with two thirds of my little family down for the count (babycakes was sick too) there was a lot of convenience-over-nutrition meals. On Sunday alone we had McDonald’s twice because we were on the go visiting family out of town. The sodium from those two meals plus not drinking enough water probably did me in among other things.

Not to mention, I was just under the weather and not up for putting too much effort into my meals by the end of the week. We started off strong though! For the first half of the week we busted out the crock pot for these two Skinnytaste recipes: Chicken a La Criolla and Pernil (both Puerto Rican meals). They were awesome! I served the chicken over brown rice on Monday, the pernil with white rice and black beans on Tuesday and we mixed the pernil with BBQ sauce for pork sandwiches on Wednesday. On Saturday mancakes made this fantastic meal on the grill too:


So anyway, I know I can’t win them all and it makes sense that I gained. But I’m doing a diet bet dammit! I can’t be gaining!

So in response I put in 3 workouts since yesterday and I’m drinking water like a fish. Here’s to hoping it pays off!

Here’s an NSV just to end on a positive note. The picture on the left is me 30ish pounds ago. The one on the right was taken today. Less face fluff! Holla!


❤ M.


4 thoughts on “Weekly Weigh-In: It Had to Happen

  1. You have great perspective and attitude here, and you’re a perfect example of how this is done. Life is life and it ain’t always fun or fair. The best remedy for falling off that wagon is to climb back on and grab the reigns. Looks like you’re right back on your awesome path. Congrats!

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