Errday I’m Strugglin’

I’m still, as my friend Kata would say, riding the struggle bus. I’ve managed to work out a ton this week and although many calories met their doom at the hands of my ass kickin’, it still hasn’t been easy. My workouts, particularly my runs, haven’t been very gratifying because I’m still struggling with my allergies. It sucks feeling as though I can’t really catch my breath.

In the beginning of my 5K training, I worried so much that I wouldn’t have the stamina to get through a mile but I had already put in over a month of 30 Day Shred which built my stamina up so well that I found out very quickly I really could run for a long period of time. Now that whatever the heck I’m allergic to is in season (I suspect it’s grass, that crap is everywhere) a mile is almost as daunting as it was 6 months ago when I was pre-Project Unfluff. I did catch myself over thinking my running yesterday morning as the ache in my legs started and I was struggling with my breathing. I was focusing so hard on that that I ended up having to walk a little on and off. As I was getting closer to the end of my run I told myself to just relax and go slow and suddenly my legs felt much better.

Just goes to show that a hard time is just as much mental as it can be physical. Speaking of my mental state, I’m really worried I won’t win my diet bet. It was another tough week with graduations going on at my job (I work for a university) and celebrating my best friend’s graduation with treats and tailgating before a baseball game. I know I overdid some things this weekend so I really need to focus this week. I’m going to seriously switch to simply filling on Tuesday, only stocking up on power foods and staying on top of my activity. I’m also going to throw in my secret weapon: Jillian Michaels’ detox water just to give myself a fighting chance! But hey, any weight loss is still a victory, amiright?

Lastly, Happy Mother’s to any and all of you who play a role in raising children! Keep up the great work and take some time to relax today!


❤ M. and babycakes

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