Weekly Weigh-In Post: Back On Track


I’mmmm baaaaack. Can I just say that when I stepped off the scale this morning I went WHEW. I really was nervous! Although my weigh-in at home this morning showed that I was back to where I was before my gain, I was still nervous about what the WW scale would say since there’s usually at least a 2 lb difference between the two scales. So it’s safe to say that I am back on track and making my way to the 40’s on pounds lost!

Since this is the last week of my Diet Bet, I am going all out on exercise, healthy/clean eating and tracking. I am going to stay as focused as possible to make it through and I’ve decided that no matter the outcome, I will have still lost weight and reaped the benefits of all of the hard work I’ve been putting in. The timing for the conclusion of this Diet Bet could not be better since the weekend immediately following the final weigh-in is a rehearsal dinner, wedding, my daughter’s birthday party and Memorial Day. It’s going to be a weekend full of good food, drinking, CAKE (lots and lots of cake) and grilled eats. Getting through all of that while on a diet bet would be nearly impossible even if I was still counting all of my points and trying to stay on track. I plan on enjoying myself that weekend and not worrying too much about whether or not I’ll be shooting myself in the foot for celebrating so many AWESOME life events all at once.

On the fitness front, things have been going pretty well. I had a fantastically challenging and awesome run yesterday morning. It was cool enough so that I didn’t get crazy hot and sweaty and it had rained a little the night before which is always good for bringing down the allergens in the air. I didn’t have to struggle so hard to breathe so once my legs warmed up I was able to hit my stride and crank out the 50 minutes of steady jogging assigned by the 5K training program on RunKeeper. It felt awesome to get through the whole thing and I ended up putting in a total of 3.81 miles (with the walking warm up included). That’s the longest distance I’ve run so far in one workout!

Today I had to get a little creative since my kid really wanted to play outside. So what did I do? I took Jillian on my laptop, my hand weights and my HR monitor outside with babycakes. She ran around the yard while I worked out! It was nice to change the scenery while I did the same ‘ol 30 Day Shred. My neighbor and her 3-year-old joined us outside too, she chatted with me while I worked out and before I knew it, I was done! I finished off my calorie burn with this 15 minute strength training circuit. Over 500 calories torched in the books!

Despite all of this, I have just a few weeks until my first 5K and after that I will be out of workout ideas. Any thoughts on what I might try next? I love Jillian Michaels…my neighbor offered up her jazzercise DVD’s…any thoughts? I’m looking for new [and frugal] ideas!

❤ M.


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