Exciting News!

Sorry to interrupt your holiday weekend but I just got some really [un] flufflin’ awesome news! Let’s keep this short.







I get to go to FitBloggin’ this year as a Live Blogger! I am beyond excited about this opportunity especially since I’m only 6 months into this whole weight loss blog thing. I’m so glad I had the courage to take a chance on myself and submit my application for an assistantship. I am really looking forward to meeting some extremely cool people, getting my learnin’ on at sessions and workshops and most of all, checking out beautiful Portland! This conference falls on the same week as my birthday (which is June 24, btw, mark your calendars 😉 ) What an awesome birthday present to me and to Project Unfluff! I’ll be sure to keep you all posted about my experience as a Live Blogger. Ooo I gotta order me some business cards…

Now go back to your netflix marathons (ERMERGERD ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT!!!!!) and barbecue.

❤ M.


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