The Results Are In!

Last week I had my annual physical exam. I went in weirdly excited because I was hoping to learn more about what is going on on the inside that might start to match what’s happening on the outside.

Real quick: my family has a history of abnormally high cholesterol. Even the people who look healthy and fit and work really hard to be that way still have to battle high cholesterol so it’s one of those genetic-y icky things we have to watch out for. When I went in for a physical last year, I got really terrible results. Like, doc wanted to put me on Lipitor at 26 years old terrible! But I was still nursing my daughter at the time and I told her I was planning on having at least one more child at some point so she told me to get it together health-wise and she would hold off on prescribing the drug until I’m done having and nursing babies (Lipitor is not recommended for women who are still in range of baby having, too unsafe for the kiddos). I left that appointment terrified for my health and ashamed because I knew I was making choices that weren’t helping me at all.

Now back to present day: I got my results today and my cholesterol has dropped a whopping 40 points! My LDL (the bad cholesterol) is down 32 points from last year and my HDL (the good stuff) is now in a normal range after being too low last year. My vitamin D is still crazy low like it was last year and as always, my iron is also low (despite the silly amount of spinach I eat on the regular). I’ll need to take mega vitamin D doses again and get back on that iron pill (I take a natural supplement that’s easy on the digestive system. email me if you want the brand) In addition to all of this, my BMI has also dropped 5 points.


This is FANTASTIC NEWS!!!! I’m not even half way through my health and fitness goals so imagine what this all will look like when I get there! This is the best news I have heard since I started this journey and I couldn’t be more fired up to keep going.

Oh and here’s today’s weigh-in in case you missed it. Keep fightin’ the good fight Unfluffers!


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