Ready to Get FitBlogged!

I am giddy with excitement! I’m at the airport right now waiting for my flight to Portland to attend my first FitBloggin Conference!

After over a month of anticipation and getting to know the other attendees through the Facebook group, I can’t wait to start putting faces to blog names and Twitter handles! So many FitBloggers have commented on how they can’t wait to spend time with our people. Look at me, I have a new set of people! I can only imagine how much energy and excitement there will be when we stuff a hotel full of people who live their weight loss and fitness journeys out online. Talk about extra version overload!

I’m also ecstatic about checking out a new city like Portland! Professionally, I haven’t had too many opportunities to go to conferences outside of Illinois so this is a big deal for me. I’ve watched mancakes get a chance to attend conferences and be hired out as a facilitator for universities and although the travel and the work is exhausting, he gets a lot out of those experiences and he grows more in his expertise and exposure to new ideas every time. For me to have an event I can go to each year (when I can afford it!) to learn more about how to grow my passion for writing and health and fitness is not just exciting, it’s important. Now granted, the schedule for this week calls for working out like a mad woman too but I have no doubt it will be good, sweaty fun.

So here’s to you FitBloggers! I’m excited to meet all of you and establish new friendships across the blogosphere. I feel as though I will finally get roped into orbit with you which will make my little blog feel more connected to bigger and greater things. And in case you’re looking for me today, I’ll attach a selfie for ya. I plan on rocking my new-found side braid obsession for most of the conference!


❤ M.


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