Check Out My FitBloggin’ Swag and My FIRST Giveaway!

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As you know I had a fantastic time at FitBloggin’ last week! In addition to all of the incredible bloggers I met, there was an endless amount of love from the many FB sponsors in the form of samples, product demonstrations, sponsored snack breaks and receptions and a huge amount of swag! For my first blogging conference, I was crazy impressed by the haul I got to bring home.

Pictured below you’ll see my new Reebok Crossfit shoes, Reebok gym bag, samples of snacks like: BlueDiamond almonds, Lenny & Larry’s protein bars, protein pudding, NatureMaid vitamelts, Special K protein bar and shakes (not pictured because, well, it was delicious!), Hemp Hearts, Whey Protein Isolate, Soy Joy bar, and Slender sticks. Other goodies include Humana digital pedometer, Nutrilite multivitamin packs, Nutrilite Body Key weight lost system (protein shake powder, dietary supplement, aloe shots and appetite controlling chews), FitBloggin compression socks, Nutrilite gym bag, headband, Amana water bottle, Afresh washer cleaner sample, and SweatPink pink shoelaces! Not pictured: moisture wicking t-shirt from JumpSport and Reebok yoga/exercise top with built in shelf bra.

my goodies
my goodies

Whew! What a haul! I love all of the things I get to wear and as you can see, I have plenty more to try! BUT, I’m not completely greedy, I’m going to give half of it away to one lucky reader! To show some of you some love, I invite you to enter my very first giveaway EVER! Here is a picture of the goodies you could win:

photo (19)

I call this my Get Yo Butt Off Tha Couch Jumpstart Kit! You’ll win a Nutrilite gym bag, a 60 day supply of daily multivitamin packs by Nutrilite, a digital pedometer by Humana, Blue Diamond Almonds, Lenny & Larry protein bars, Slender Sticks replenishing drink powder mix, a SoyJoy dark chocolate cherry snack bar, a pair of SweatPink shoe laces (of which I am now an Ambassador!) and a Polar drawstring backpack with matching lanyard. This is about a weeks worth of healthy snacks, 2 months worth of vitamins and extra goodies to get you motivated to move your body and challenge yourself to a healthier life.

To enter, simply comment on this post and tell me what your reason might be to get off the couch once and for all! Is it just to move more? Lose weight? Feel more energized? Make your ex jealous? Whatever it is, I can’t wait to hear about it! A winner will be chosen at random (as in, I’m drawing a name out of a hat!) on Friday, July 12th and you have until noon on Friday to enter! Be sure to share this post and encourage your friends, family members and neighbors to enter, especially if they need to get off the couch too! Good Luck Unfluffers!

❤ M.

65 thoughts on “Check Out My FitBloggin’ Swag and My FIRST Giveaway!

  1. I am in the process of re-kickstarting my weight loss journey. Time to reach that freakin’ goal!

    Also, I’m incredibly happy that you had such a great time at Fitbloggin and incredibly jealous at the same time! Next year, I’m definitely going!

      • Oh guuuuuuurl, it’s definitely happening.
        Next year I shouldn’t be starting a new job the same week of Fitbloggin…just like the year before lol. Did they say where it’s going to be in 2014? I heard either Austin or Nashville?

      • No word yet, we were all kind of voting on Twitter, I voted for Austin since my parents live in Houston and can meet us there to help with the my kid if I bring my whole fam bam. If it’s Nashville, might be able to drive!

      • Same here. My parents live about two hours from ATX and I have a ton of friends there. Nashville would be awesome too since I’ve never there, but Megan love it!

  2. I am a work in progress, and looking for ways to re-motivate myself. I am glad to have found your FB page and blog.

  3. I’ve been following you via Feedly (and Facebook) and yet I never get around to commenting on anything! I finally started getting my butt off the couch last week and am happy to say I have stuck to my exercise routine for a week now (still need to get the eating under control). I need to get find my life long healthy style so I can lose and than maintain at a healthy weight and keep up with my more active kids.

  4. I would LOVE to win this!!!! I just returned from a 9 day Florida vacation and need a jump start back to Weight Watchers, exercise for energy and I’ve GOT to get under 200lbs….I’ve lost 39lbs so far!!!

  5. At my heaviest. Plagued by stupid injuries for the last 10 months I need to roll off the couch… Slowly so no injuries are a result… And drop at least 10 pounds by my second wedding anniversary Sept. 2… Where I weighed an amazing 159…..and here I am 30 pounds later 😦

  6. From October 2010-August 2011 I was able to lose 67lbs, through exercise & healthy eating. For the last nearly 2 years, I just got stuck, and gave up on myself, regaining 42 of those damn lumps of lard. I’m 47yo, and I want to unfluff for good. I need to do this for myself, and my health, but I also feel intensely guilty (which makes me want to stuff down my feelings by eating all the wrong things,) about the example I’m setting for my sons (8 & 13.)

    That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it …but I need to get off of this “couch” and back in to LIFE!

    (BTW, my original goal was to lose 150lbs …yeah, I’m super-fluffy.)

  7. I need to get off the couch for weight loss. I need to have knee surgery and the doctor wants me to be under a certain weight.

  8. I have recommited myself to my weight loss and fitness journey. I have been looking for new things to keep me on track. This would be perfect. Thanks for a great giveaway.

  9. I’ve lost 55lbs so far and have another 156lbs to lose until I reach my goal. I’ve been struggling lately and could use the the extra help!

  10. Hoping to look god for my 20th reunion. @years of fertility treatments and carrying triplets lft me with quite the weight gain. Slowly losing it, but need to incorporate running into my regimen to really pick it p a notch!

  11. Hello! I started using am app to log my calories and fitness! It spurs me on to see the good work I am doing!
    This incredible bundle would really help push me forward too!!!!

  12. I am on week 8, couch to 5k. I am loving this new journey but desperately needing motivation because the weight loss is extremely slow. I am determined to keep going but at the same time I can be my own worst enemy. Blogs like this truly inspire me!

  13. I’m in the process of refinding myself…the new, healthier ME. I’ve lost 60 pounds so far and would like to lose another 40. I’ve kicked type 2 diabetes butt already!

  14. First of all well done on your blog, it seems like you have a lovely community here :). Well with regards of my weight loss, I am doing to best I can to lose weight, not to have that perfect body everyone wishes to have, but to be healthy and avoid getting serious illnesses. I see my parent suffering a lot due to their heavy weight, especially my mum. She has diabetes and seeing her struggle everyday because of it, changes your whole perspective. I am losing weight now, so I don’t end up like my mother. I want to be healthy and enjoy life to the fullest, so that I’ll be there for the people I love. Which is far more important than to have a beautiful body.

  15. After being sidelined for 14 months w a back injury and not being able to run or exercise like I used to, I’ve added on the pounds- this was multifaceted as I went from running 3 miles a day, 6 days a week to barely being able to walk, and finding my comfort in sweets. My son is on a local BMX racing teamand ssometimes children are cruel- some of his teammates have asked him why his mom is so fat or made fun of him having a fat mom. Now, if I have an odd shaped water bottle he will notice and ask me ‘is that what fat people drink to not be so fat?’. He’s just 6 and doesn’t know any different. My vitamins, weird granola bars, anything odd that I have raises the same question. I’m cleared for exercise again- but no running yet- so its time to get moving! Winning your giveaway would be a perfect addition to my new journey.

  16. I want to dance at all 6 of my grandsons weddings. I have lost from 500 pounds to today’s weight of 288.

  17. I’m starting my own journey to loose about half of my body weight and take back control:).

  18. I’m starting today. After a knee injury and gaining back nearly all my weight back it’s time to stop the excuses and pity party! I’m ready to get my duff in gear and get it! I have 100 lbs to lose. I’m also in the process of losing weight and getting healthy in order to get pregnant. Weight induced infertility is no joke!

  19. i found out i have some really big scientific word for the discs in between my vertibre are wearing down and im only 20!! i need to get off the couch permanently ive always been hefty and am fed up with it.

  20. My reason is… I want to become a runner. I have been interested in running for what seems like forever, but to be perfectly honest, I’m intimidated. It’s time for me to stop over-analyzing and just do it!

  21. Love to win this I’m tired of being the funny fat girl and hiding behind my fat to be safe from being hurt again. I’m tired of not being able to fly without an extender and not being able to go to my sons events at school or concerts in public for the fear of not fitting in the seats. Tired of not being able to shop in a store that my friends go to. I got divorced when I was 30 and raised my sons on my own and I’m all they have. Now that I’m in my early 40’s I’ve had neck surgery to replace a disk and my back has herniated disks which while cause me pain also make me stay on the couch not to mention high blood pressure and at risk for diabetes. I’m tired of staying put and missing out on so much of life. I know if I can drop this weight I can be around for my boys much longer and show them how important is to take care of yourself but also to live life and not be afraid. I have more than 100 pounds to go like the others but I’m finally ready to do it for me first. As a Mom I always put my kids first but for this I’m putting myself first for the first time in my life. It’s time that the fat girl stops hiding and does something about it.

  22. Mine’s to look good in all these bridesmaids dresses I have to wear starting in December! I mean, the bride has to look the best, but that doesn’t mean I can’t look awesome, too! Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  23. I want to get off of the couch to become more energized and also to set a positive example for my family to follow

  24. Im getting off the couch because I want to get my son to be healthier. I started running 5ks and he wants to now I love read all the bloggers it gives everyone the inspiration to keep going even when the pounds dont come off.

  25. Over the past 3 years I have lost 87 lbs, ramped up my activity and actually started running. Now for the last 6 months (due to family stress), I have lost my motivation and have actually gained about half of it back. I am now finding it even harder to start back on track. I so need to put myself back first. I need to put healthy food in my body. I need to get back to the exercise that I love. I need to do this. I WANT to do this!

  26. My reason for finally trying to get into shape…I’m getting married next year, and I don’t want to look back on what’s supposed to be the happiest day of my life and not like how I look in pictures. I want my future husband to be happy with me. Don’t get me wrong, he loves me, but if I were happier with myself, it would make it so much easier on our relationship.

  27. What a great variety of items to try! I’d love to win. I’m trying to lose these last 6 pounds and it’s tough! I can use all the help I can get!
    madelinebrubaker {at} gmail [dot] com

  28. I’ve gotten fat. That’s the honest reason. I am at my highest weight ever, and I am SO sick of looking at it.

  29. I am in the unfluffing progress myself and would love to win your package because I am trying to get my health back in line without knee problems and back problems. I also hate hearing you are such a beautiful person if only you could loose some of the weight…ugh! I will show these people how beautiful I am inside and out. I enjoy your blog and Facebook page everyday and look forward to more.

    • Thanks for following along Marsha! I learned a long time ago after years of hearing it from family and friends the whole “you’d be even cuter if you lost….” thing that I had to start blocking it out and pushing through. I’m on my own journey, working at my own pace. Now is the time for me, I don’t have to work, and go to school and/or plan a wedding, plan for my first baby, etc. (all things that were going on before this year). Now all I have to do is go to work and enjoy my family so the time is now and that’s why I’m successful. I found the right time to do it, despite what everyone has ever said to me.

  30. I have decided to get up get moving because I want to be able to run around and at with my son he is 18months old and already very very active. While being skinny would be great I am most concerned with being healthy. (I know they go hand in hand) I am wanting too lose 100 and am only down 18 so far… I am doing this all by myself so sometimes my motivation starts to lack!!! This would be a great pick me up!! 😉 thanks for listening and doing this great big and give away!!! 🙂

  31. I finished the couch to 5k program, but I haven’t quite made it to running an entire 5k without any walking. Got to keep moving!

  32. I need to get off the couch because I am in a wedding/high school reunion in Sept and want to look good for all my old friends!!

  33. I’m down 70lbs this year, but have been in a rut for a month and truly need to get my butt back in gear so I can hit that 100lb mark!!

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