Body Key Experiment Update: 1 Week Down

Here’s my weigh in:


You know what 40 lbs lost, I’ma need you to stop being so hard to get to! Le sigh. I’m not shocked, I drank a lot of adult beverages last week (durn you open bar at the at-work BBQ!!) and ate some pretty rich food too. I was impressed by the BBQ salad selection though at our work celebration last week, that was pretty stellar. As were the margaritas…

Well, the Body Key experiment is going ok. Not great, not terrible, just ok. The week started with the aloe shots on the first day. The instructions are to kick off the plan with an aloe shot in the morning then in the late afternoon for the first two days. Since mancakes didn’t want to do these, I did 2 on the first day, forgot about them for a day and a half, did another on day 3 before dinner and threw out the fourth after forgetting that I took it out of the fridge and left it in my gym bag. The third shot I took was on an empty stomach and since we were prepping dinner I took the Slimmetry pills too. That was a mistake because I had stomach cramps within minutes of finishing the shot. I started chugging water to fill my stomach but the pain only ceased once I got some dinner in there. Thaaaat can’t be safe….

The pills I haven’t really been doing. Quite frankly, I keep forgetting about them! I’m going to try and remember them so I can see if they even make a difference.

I’m not all that into the shakes. These are meant to be a meal replacement and I’ve tried making it several ways to make it taste better but they keep coming up chalky and only kinda chocolatey. I made it with water the first day, plain unsweetened almond milk and pb2 the next day and on the third I tried plain unsweetened almond milk the rest of the week. Mancakes seems to like the shake and he just makes it with water. Me notsomuch.

I’ve only done the chews once, I don’t really see the need for them unless I know my next meal won’t be for several hours and I’m already hungry at that point.

We didn’t do shakes over the weekend, we could have but didn’t. I’m having a hard time with the meal replacement concept. Sure the shake has enough protein and nutrients to chemically replace a meal but it has 0 satisfaction. I really like to chew my food. To smell it, savor it ,cuddle it, etc. So I was over it until today when I had a shake (with oatmeal, a banana and chocolate PB2 added to it)for breakfast. I can see why people lose weight on this stuff…because they’re HUNGRY.

One thing I have noticed is that I’m snacking more. Because A. I feel like I’m underfed and B. I’ve started to justify in my head that because I’m replacing a meal that’s usually 400-500 cals for a 165 cal (made with water only) shake then I have all sorts of extra calories left for the rest of the day. Full meals keep me full and satiated longer. I’m realizing that I eat less overall if I’m sticking to my usual 3 meals and 2 snacks a day than when I’m snacking here and there trying to make up for the less than satisfying shake-meal experience.

So to sum it up: photo (26)

❤ M.


2 thoughts on “Body Key Experiment Update: 1 Week Down

  1. I love that you’re doing this and blogging it, hehe. Also… you are brave. The ingredients on those things scare me! (I hope they don’t take my tiffffffany away!!!!)

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