Weekly Weigh-In and Diet Bet Time!


So, not surprisingly I’m up again this week. I conferenced all weekend long, work is feeding me twice this week, it’s my lady times (sorry, TMI). All in all, it’s not as much as I anticipated (at least 2 lbs) and like I said last week, I’m enjoying what’s left of my little summer adventures which includes the up and down scale dance.

BUT I have devised a way to get back to business! I set up a Diet Bet for the month of August! It’s a cheap bet of only $10 so my friends and fans can find out what the Diet Bet experience is like! Now I know what you’re thinking: Mariana, I thought you swore off Diet Bets! Yes, for a little while but now that I’ve had a couple of months to recover, I decided to give it another try and I’m taking the pressure of myself this time by making a low bet. If this goes well enough, I’d be happy to consider a higher bet next time.

How does DietBet work exactly? Well, an organizer sets up a game and sets the bet amount. You sign onto to a DB by paying the bet first, submitting a picture of your weight as it shows on the scale and then you have 4 weeks to lose 4% of your body weight! That’s it! The site and the mobile app act as a social media site for you bet. You have a newsfeed that shows everyone’s progress (it doesn’t show your actual weight unless you want it to) and you can cheer each other on, check in your workout and announce any other achievements. So if you’re interested, click on the image below to get the link.

Click to get to my game!
Click to get to my game!

That’s all for this week’s weigh-in! I got some packing to do, sleep to get, miles to run in the morning and a 7 hour road trip after work tomorrow! I wasn’t kidding when I said I’ve ben on the go, go, go!

❤ M.


7 thoughts on “Weekly Weigh-In and Diet Bet Time!

  1. Hey! I just finished a my second DietBet today and won! I totally agree with needing some time between bets. I waited a couple months between my first and second bet, they can feel a little intense. But I’m going to re-up again to help keep me on track! If I make it in time I’ll try to join yours!

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