Weekly Weigh-In: I Did Bad Things


I do! And I did. This last week was a roller coaster of healthy and unhealthy habits. On the one hand, I started my 10K training fer real this time! In the last week alone, I’ve put in over 10 miles of running. On the other hand, I went out of town this weekend where 2 birthdays were celebrated with two separate cakes, a brunch buffet and lots and lots of mojitos. And then today I did a very, very bad thing: I had my first real binge in months!

Mmmm...I mean NO! Gross!
Mmmm…I mean NO! Gross!

I am so not proud of myself. It was all intentional too. I was really sad today because it’s my wedding anniversary and mancakes had to go out of town for work. Cue Picture Break:

Awwwwww. See why I'm so sad? I lubz him.
Awwwwww. See why I’m so sad? I lubz him.

I don’t think my sadness really hit me until I got to work and was alone with all of my thoughts. Yoga made it worse. Have you ever gone to yoga or tried to meditate with a lot of unresolved emotions coursing through your head? It’s impossible and today my spirit was definitely rattled after that session. That was tough since I usually feel calm and at peace after some yoga but today it was the total opposite. Thankfully, I was pretty busy today but when I had free time I started thinking about what I could eat to make myself feel better when I got home. I thought about picking up pizza…going for ice cream with babycakes….ooo cake, maybe stop at a cupcake shop? No, no, nachos. Definitely nachos. Should I make them or go to a restaurant? Maybe I should just go to the grocery store and get one small thing…big mistake. I walked in, saw the Wing Zings, grabbed a small pizza for my kid (which I’m also not proud of but she barely ate it) and went home. As I was heating up the oven for the pizza, I remembered we still had some frozen fries and added those in too.

The thing is, I haven’t put together a meal like this in a long time. Sure we had the fries already, they went on the side of a skinny burger recipe from a few weeks ago. I’m not excusing the fries but I usually try to find some balance with my meals. If fries are present, I usually aim for some veggies or skipping the bun on the burger if possible. The point is, I turned a very emotional situation into an emotional eating situation. I’m not happy about it, in fact, I’m pretty miserable after eating that excuse for a meal. Do I feel better about mancakes being out of town? No, not really. I feel somewhat soothed but I’m dreading the work it will take to make up for this meal. I’ve already informed mancakes (who also had a poor meal at his hotel in solidarity with me) that I’ll more than likely be eating nothing but produce tomorrow. In fact, I will go ahead and tell you what I plan on eating tomorrow. Now I have to follow through, I don’t make my readers empty promises!


Oatmeal Smoothie (1/2 cup rolled oats, 1 banana, 8 oz unsweetened vanilla almond milk, pb2, body key powder, 1/2 cup coffee cold brew concentrate, spinach, ice)

Morning Snack: Strawberries and blueberries


Salad in a jar (Homemade balsamic vinaigrette, cherry tomatoes, 1/4 cucumber, 1 TBSP feta cheese, 1/2 broccoli slaw, 2 cups spring mix)

2 SkinnyTaste Spinach Quinoa Patties


SkinnyTaste 3 Bean Turkey Chili and 1 square of Red Mill Cornbread

There. Now I’m going to hold myself to that. I can’t let the outcome of today ruin my week or my overall progress. I will prevail! And the good news is that I am working with a great weigh-in this week!


I’m back on track and despite those damn wings and fries, I’m going to clobber a pound off this week so that I can finally say I LOST 40 POUNDS already. Sheesh. Talk about the most difficult Regina George number I’ve ever had to get to thus far. Thankfully, signing up for a Diet Bet (which you can still sign up for!) this month gives me nothing but pure motivation!

❤ M.


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