Weekly Weigh-In: What What!

Oh heck yes. I finally hit 40 lbs lost! Not only that, I hit 41.2 lbs lost this week! I have been waiting for this moment since I started this journey last November. I pretty much feel like this guy right now (click on it for the full effect):


Hitting this milestone means a lot to me. My current weight is now lower than it was my senior year of college which is also when the slippery slope in my weight gain began. Now that I know that I can hit such a big milestone, I have no other reason to not believe that I can ultimately reach my goal some day. Life may get in the way at times, there will be more parties, barbecues, greasy food cravings and other temptations of the sort but all along, I’ve managed to chug forward and now I’m happy to say I am almost halfway to a personal weight goal.

I know I have never shared my actual weight on my blog and I’m still not ready to do it tonight but I am ready to say that when I reach the number I have in mind, I will have lost 87 lbs. That’s a huge goal and it will be quite the journey but to say that I am just about halfway there is really exciting and I’m taking a moment to celebrate!!

But like I said, each day has it’s struggles. Last night for dinner, I had a burger and sweet potato fries. Normally, I wouldn’t even mention this since everything else I ate yesterday was healthy and on point and not even my dinner put me over my daily calories (because I ate the calories I burned working out) but it was today that was where I really slipped up. I might see a pound or two creep back up after today’s lunch nachos ( I know, I know). I messed up there so I’ll be fighting back with work outs, veggies and water galore the rest of this week. I am just 2 pounds from winning my Diet Bet and I’m determined to get there! Labor Day will be a challenge but mancakes and I are going to focus on making healthier options for the little cook out we’ll be having this weekend.

Here are a few of our go-to grilling out recipes we have grown to love!

Avocado Crostini

Fresh Herb Potato Salad (Warning: This is Thug Kitchen, there’s a LOT of cursing but it’s worth it!)

We marinate chicken with the piccata marinade in this recipe and grill it

Let me know what you think if you try any of these out!

❤ M.


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