Suggestion Box: Simple Rules

simpleDo you abide by some unwritten rules that have become habits in your weight loss/fitness journey? I do. I realized just the other day, that in less than a year, I do things completely different than I ever did before and my little “rules” are now second nature. Here are some of mine:

1. Never just stand on an escalator: with the exception of the people who don’t know the unwritten rules of escalator use ( stand on the right, walk on the left) and unintentionally block my way, I never just stand on an escalator anymore. I always walk up the steps (unless I have my kiddo with me). There’s no reason to just stand there if you’re able-bodied, the escalator is already putting you at an advantage over stairs, throw in the extra steps!

2. Never leave the house without a snack: I try to pack all my food for the day when I head out to work but if I plan on eating lunch out or it’s the weekend, I at the very least bring a healthy snack along for hunger attacks. A piece of fruit or a cheese stick is my saving grace when I’m not sure how soon I will be able to grab a meal.

3. Make fitness work for Y.O.U.: I used to get up at 5 a.m. to run. At that time, it was easy to do because it was new to me, I was excited to push myself and it was early spring and not hot. Now, I’m further along in my fitness and running is still great but not in this heat. Plus, because it’s not as exciting to me now, I can’t drag myself out of bed at 5 a.m. right now, so I don’t. Instead, I pack a gym bag every day and I work out at work. I don’t have to get up earlier nor do I have to leave the house after dinner for a workout. I pack it into my day, I get my hour in and I go back to work and that’s what works for me. If I hadn’t chosen to join the gym at work, I probably wouldn’t be working out at all right now.

4. Unless it’s alcohol, don’t pay for a drink at a restaurant: Water, water, water. At home, soda is a special occasion drink. We only keep water and crystal light or mio at home. Other beverages you’ll find at Casa Unfluff are coffee, tea, milk, almond milk and the occasional beer and/or wine. That’s it.

5. Don’t work out or eat something you really don’t want to if the thought physically repulses you: your body is trying to tell you something if the run you planned makes your eyes well up with tears. If the 8th salad you packed for lunch this week sounds like the grossest thing ever today, go out for something new, save the salad for tomorrow. Sometimes you just need a reset/rest day, so take it and push yourself tomorrow. Better than burning out entirely and waking up 3 days later after a Krispy Kreme and nacho bender.(that’s just an example, I am not speaking from experience but it sounds delicious.)

6. Take pictures: If you feel awesome today, take a picture. I have loads of selfies the world doesn’t know about but I like that I can look back and see the days that I felt and looked amazing. I especially like comparing those to my awkward, I-don’t-feel-awesome-just-fluffy-and-unhealthy pictures. Exhibit A:

My “please don’t photograph me face”- 41 lbs ago
3 weeks go, werkin' it.
3 weeks ago, werkin’ it.

7. Be honest with yourself: If you track food or points then do it right and don’t lie to yourself. Not including something in your food log doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. So fess up to myfitensspal (follow me at ProjectUnfluff!)/weight watchers/lose it/food journal and move on with your life.*


These little guidelines change from time to time but the point is, it’s ok to set up your very own ground rules. Only you know what your limits are as well as where and when you can push yourself beyond those limits. Don’t make yourself eat kale if you hate it in every way shape or form. If you hate running, then don’t run! Find something else that works for you that you enjoy and makes you feel good. There is no joy or benefit in making yourself do things you loathe, you’ll only give yourself reasons to cheat, slack or worse: quit.

This was a cathartic post to write, Unfluffers. Lately, I’ve been trying to take the pressure off of myself. It’s really hard to go 100% in healthy eating, fitness and all other life things everyday. So I’ve started to really focus on the things that matter (like these ground rules) just to take some of the heat off of myself. If I make it through at least half of these each day, I am happy. You can’t imagine how much better I feel already!

❤ M.

*If you want to learn more about tracking, check out Brooke Not On Diet’s Back to Basics post on tracking. 

11 thoughts on “Suggestion Box: Simple Rules

  1. Love this! Being honest with yourself is so key. It wasn’t until I was really honest with myself about how unhealthy my lifestyle really was that I was able to make changes. (Love the werkin’ it pic!) – Jess

  2. these are great rules, thanks so much for sharing them! in addition to #2, bringing a snack, I try my hardest to get an estimate in my head of when I will be wanting to eat next, so I can have that in mind when I’m out and about and keep myself on track with more small meals instead of waiting till I’m starving… when I have a time in mind, I can easily look at the clock “silly tummy, you aren’t actually hungry yet” or “oh goodness, it’s time to eat that string cheese since I haven’t gotten to my destination on time!” 🙂 still working on being more intuitive in my eating, until then, I plan 😀

  3. When I’m going out to eat, I always plan and enter my meal in my food log before we leave the house. The what to eat decision is made, and it’s not so tempting to fall off the band wagon then:)

    • YES! I do that too! 1. I get even more excited about eating out when I know what I’m going to order 2. I can plan the rest of my day’s worth of calories around it. Keep up the awesome Cindy!

  4. 1-3 are sOOOOOO me! I do occasionally pay for a fresh juice, but not alcohol. I think sometimes when we take the pressure off it can actually be easier to stick to our healthy goals, I realized when I allow myself the slice of pizza here or there I am then super excited about my veggies the rest of the time.

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