Observations As of Late

Hey kids. I know I’ve been pretty MIA lately and I apologize. I have had a very busy and eventful social life lately that has kept me from being able to be alone with my thoughts about healthy living and eating these days. The truth is, it seems my immune system has decided to slow me down lately and I’ve had to take it easy this last week or so. It could be a combination of a cold and new allergens permeating my sinuses but I have had low energy and have needed to rest more than anything. So I’ve been listening to my body and taking her cues and taking it easy. My daily workouts last week were daily walks during my lunch hour and I did manage to get to the gym once and actually ran on the treadmill. Surprisingly, however, I didn’t feel as completely renewed and awesome as I usually do after a workout and that all led to my taking a sick day on Thursday when I woke up feeling horrible.

All of this is to say that I’m doing quite well despite feeling so icky lately. I’m not ignoring the signs my body is sending and today is actually the first day in quite a few where I can say I woke up feeling energized so I’m happy about that. Eating hasn’t been nutritionally great but I have noticed a few things this past week that are sure-fire signs that I’m a changed woman!

1. I don’t feel much like grazing throughout the day anymore: I used to be such a huge snacker but nowadays, I’ve been pretty content with 3 meals a day and nothing in between besides water or tea. That’s a huge change for me compared to where I was last year when I always felt like a bottomless pit without a good excuse to be (read: I wasn’t exercising). This leads me to my next observation:

2. I don’t get hung up on food anymore: Not every meal HAS to be this monumental event of colors, flavors and tastes. Sure, I would love it if every meal was like that but if I’m just having oatmeal today or a sandwich for lunch, I’m cool with it as long as my hunger is satiated and I can keep functioning normally. In other words, eating is no longer an emotional event for me. This. is. huge.

3. My mind has slowed its obsession over my weight: I constantly thought about weight loss. My mind was a run on sentence of “Calories in, calories out. Need to work out. Did I pack enough vegetables? Did I eat enough fruit today? My daughter needs new shoes. Forgot to call the dentist. When will I run again? I hope I lost more weight this week. What will I do if I didn’t lose weight?” It was exhausting and at times, scary obsessive.  I know that weight management and healthy eating is a lifestyle but when you’re in the process of losing a lot of weight before you go into maintenance mode, these thoughts are ever present and they can consume you. Now that I’ve opted for a simpler approach to get to my goals and also, I chose to practice Scale-Less September, I’m feeling less obsessed and more action-oriented. It’s like I’ve crossed over to another realm where I am actively making better choices because I enjoy them not just because I’m trying to lose weight.

So that’s where I’m at right now and I’m feeling pretty good about it. I am going to start getting back into the gym this week, especially since this week on Brooke Not On A Diet’s Back to Basics challenge, we are to focus on incorporating more exercise into our day. Perfect timing since I really need to get my rear in gear again! What are you going to challenge yourself to get back into this week? What have you observed has changed for you throughout your journey to a healthier life?

❤ M.


5 thoughts on “Observations As of Late

  1. Since getting pregnant my problem has been consistency! I work out great Monday-Thursday, then nothing till the following Monday! My goal for the next two weeks is to go for a walk every single day. Minimum 20 minutes. I just need to move more and get back into a schedule.

    🙂 hope you feel better soon!

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