Things That Are Awesome Right Now


That’s me blowin’ the dust off this blog. I know, I know. I got more content comin’ atcha in the next few weeks don’t worry. Shout out to those still reading this bad boy! You rock my socks.

So here are some things that are awesome right now:

1. My latest before and after picture showing about a 44 pound weight loss!

finally made me a watermark! no steal my photos crazy diet pillz people…

2. This meme that captures my fitness life right now in a digital nutshell


3. My latest fitness plan: 4 weeks of 10K training! Using my favorite 30 day plan calendar. I’m 6 days in and it’s rough but I always like having a plan!

photo (31)

The countdown is on! I’m less than a month away from the Chicago’s Perfect 10 race! 6.2 glorious miles along Chicago lakefront starting at Navy Pier! I hope I can run the whole thing but if not, I’ll be happy just to finish. It’ll be my first spinny medal…”oooooo”…after that, I’m not sure what I’ll be doing next but I have a few ideas I’ll be happy to share once I knock this bad boy out of the way.

So those are a few of my awesome things right now. How about you? What’s your latest non-scale victory or overall plan for awesome?

❤ M.


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