What Up, Pregnancy?

Thanks to all of you who showed me some love for my announcement last week! It’s been really fun hearing how excited you are for me and my growing family. It’s been a fun ride thus far, my second trimester is upon me and besides my achy body and need for a little extra sleep most days I’m feeling good! My energy is back up and I’m making progress in wanting to get back into the fitness game.

Speaking of which, I’ve had a few things on my mind lately. As you know, this is my second pregnancy so I’ve been around the baby-building block before. I loved being pregnant the first time and I’m remembering why all over again now. It’s quite literally the coolest thing I have ever done in my entire life. I love the way my body changes to accommodate a little growing person , I don’t mind the stretch marks and the bloating and the overall discomfort even though I’m the first to complain when I get the chance. It’s all so fascinating to me, I feel like a science experiment in which my innards are rearranged, I grow temporary parts like a placenta and amniotic sac and my body produces and pumps twice the amount of blood than it does when I’m not pregnant. That, my friends, is really freakin’ cool.

Also on my mind? How I can do things differently this time. Last pregnancy, I had yet to adopt a healthier lifestyle and it was pretty much impossible to do since I was still in graduate school and working full-time. I was really just practicing the don’ts of pregnancy to keep my baby as healthy as possible (i.e. don’t drink alcohol, smoke, take unapproved meds, eat unpasteurized foods and raw meats/fish, etc.). Working out was not on the list nor a whole lot of clean eating. Those are things I’m working on including this time around because I really want to get back in the game as soon as I am able.

Along those same lines, I also witnessed the explosion over Maria Kang’s weird attempt at motivating people by reposting (cuz she originally posted it a year ago) her version of a “fitspiration” poster. Now, if you want to know my opinion, it’s this: Maria lives a lifestyle that is extremely conducive to staying on top of her fitness and for that I respect her for not using motherhood as a reason to stop exemplifying the industry for which she is a part of. What irks me about her attempt at “fitspiration” is that she stated in an interview that what she wanted the poster to say was this: “I wanted to say, ‘I know you think you don’t have time if you have kids. But if I can do it, you can do it, too.’. Man Maria, you should have just said that. Really, those words are far more inspiring and supportive in my opinion, it’s a bummer that it became this sensationalized fat-shaming/fit-shaming/mothers vs. mothers thing. Instead she chose the words “What’s your excuse?” which in any situation can be hurtful and shaming to some as opposed to her more supportive statements that would have probably been a better choice. But you know, people do things either to inspire or provoke and in some cases to attempt to do both. And in that, she succeeded. Nice job Maria.

On most days I have some legit excuses, on others, I don’t. Either way, I could care less about your conventionally hot post-baby bod, Maria, not all of us can ever look like that regardless of how many or how little babies we have or workouts we do. We just won’t, I’m good with it and if I were to choose someone to motivate me to let go of my excuses and just do the dang thing, I’ll pick someone who’s a little more conducive to my need for unconditional self-love and support while making me sweat something fierce. If you need an example, check out my Fitbloggin ’13 post about Patricia Moreno from IntenSati Fitness. But that’s me and I know many people, including a few of my friends, family and followers agree with Maria and if that gets you up and moving, I respect that and high-five you for it. Really, whatever works as long as it gets done, amiright?

Anyway, the point of all of this is to say I’m excited to have better outcomes after this baby makes his/her grand appearance. I’m already in much better shape, with cholesterol that’s 40 points lower (as of May 2013) than last time, no anemia detected in my blood work from 8 weeks ago and I’m already shopping for maternity clothes that are 2 sizes smaller than my last pregnancy. Check it:


So I guess you could say, I’m feeling pretty rock star about having this baby. I already know the hard work is paying off by how I feel this time around.

❤ M.


One thought on “What Up, Pregnancy?

  1. Congrats on starting this pregnancy on such a positive and healthy note! (And I completely agree, “If I can do it, you can do it” is an entirely different thing than “What’s your excuse” – Ouch!)

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