19 weeks already? Holy cow!

I just realized I’m hitting my 19th week of pregnancy this week. Where does the time go? Seriously, with my daughter I was impatient to progress and get to the end. This time around, I’m so occupied with chasing after a toddler that another week will go by or my belly will just expand overnight and I’m shocked by how fast it’s happening. Suddenly, May 5th seems a lot closer than I’m willing to admit.

Thanksgiving was pleasant as I’ve been craving some very much needed time off from work. I’ve just been so swamped I haven’t had much time to workout, blog, see my friends, etc. It was nice to be away from home for a few days and hang out with family. I always love this time of the year because of all the celebrations and time spent away from work. Mancakes, baby cakes and I leave for Puerto Rico in 12 days! 12 DAYS!!! I can’t wait for our trip, it will be nice to get out of the midwest/cold/city for 9 days. Sunshine, beaches, my extended family and my beautiful island! It’s too bad I won’t be able to enjoy some rum or medallas (local beer) but I don’t even care because I’m going to the caribbean for Christmas!

Until then, I have some smaller goals to focus on until I unleash on vacation mode. It’s been three weeks since I started tracking my daily eats for MomFit (the research program I’m a part of for pregnant mamas). I’ve had my second coaching session and some things seem to keep coming up: I suck at eating enough produce in, particularly fruit since a lot of stuff I love is out of season. I’ve been making a conscience decision to pick up frozen berries and grabbing a side salad whenever possible. It’s funny how you switch to healthy eating on then the pressure to do it at all times is upped when you’re growing a human being.

Bumpdate: 18 weeks
Bumpdate: 18 weeks

This is the part where I talk about wanting to work out more etc. but honestly, it hasn’t been easy and I’m already burning an extra 300ish calories a day with this kid and doing what I can when I can and when I feel good about it. I feel great in general, I have more energy than my last pregnancy (although mancakes might disagree, I make him do stuff or get me things even more right now…) and overall, I feel much better than I did with my first pregnancy. So that to me is a great sign and I’m going to feel good about that and feel even better when I do get a work out in.

Phew, glad I got that off my chest since I’ve been beating myself up for it these last couple of weeks. But really, I work 40 hours a week, have a kid, a partner, advise a local collegiate chapter of my sorority, sit on several planning committees both at work and for the sorority and I’m also the president of the graduate/professional chapter of said sorority in Chicago. Not to mention, I’m a blogger here and for my sorority’s national conference blog so if the best I can do is a couple of lunch time work outs on the elliptical or a few walks around downtown each week, I’m happy. Bam! How’s that for a healthy outlook? Once this kiddo comes out and I’m cleared for workouts, I’m ready to get my toning on again along with taking lots of walks with baby dos over maternity leave. I am looking forward to having that time to get back on track as I will be on leave from work and the bulk of sorority responsibilities will have calmed down by then.

Besides, how often can one take it easy with a legit excuse? Hey yo, I’m building a life here! Let’s all relax 😉

❤ M.


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