Half-ing the Ass

Le. Tired. And fabulous, I mean look at that hair.
Le. Tired. And fabulous, I mean look at that hair.

Eh…I have a confession, it’s been a series of false starts and I’ll tell you why: I’m not getting enough sleep. Sleep deprivation is a HUGE weight loss shut down, it’s a scientific fact. Right now, this is the daily cycle at home Mondays through Thursdays:

  1. Get up early as mancakes heads out the door to catch a 6 am train to Chicago
  2. Get kids up, eat breakfast, drink coffee, pack a healthy lunch
  3. Get to work, have a second cup of coffee, do the to-donut/pastry-or-not-to-donut/pastry-with-this-coffee dance
  4. Eat healthy lunch, feel tired after lunch so eat some more snacks to stay awake, consume third cup of coffee, potentially reach for other snacks or fruit
  5. Get home, try to cook or reheat food with two little kids who are starving too, eat 2 plates of that food because I’m so tired, I think I’m hungrier than I am
  6. Put kids to bed post-bath or play time, sometime give into eating a sweet or just pass out entirely as the cycle of nursing my teething son every 1-2 hours throughout the night starts back up again.

I knew this would happen. When I lost the weight before babydos, it was because SLEEP WAS HAPPENING! We all were sleeping through the night pretty soundly. My daughter was staying asleep until breakfast time which meant I could get up early after 6-7 consecutive hours of sleep and workout or workout at lunch without feeling deprived. As it stands right now, I would pay money to sleep 4 or 5 hours in a row, uninterrupted. I had some great workouts last week but today, work is starting to pile up with 3 major events I’m planning happening all in the same week coming up among other things here and there. Usually, if this is happening, I try to get my healthful eating locked down so I can at least ingest healthy things but I find myself overeating or caving in to little goodies here and there.

So all this to say, DAMMIT THIS IS HARD. I keep tricking myself into believing that with a 10 minute commute to work and family nearby to help out this will be doable. I keep telling myself I don’t have to wait until my son turns 1 and his sleep regressions slow down like it did with his sister, I’m just going to power through anyway.

I know I sound like a broken record but I come back here and repeat myself to remind myself, and maybe you, that everyday is a fresh 24 hours of making choices. Sometimes you hit your stride and make awesome choices for several days, weeks, months, maybe even years in a row. And sometimes you go to bed defeated for days, weeks, months, maybe even several years in a row.

In other news: IT’S MY BLOGOVERSARY! 2 years ago today, I started this blog with the hope that I could a community of support around me. That has been the case and I thank each and every one of you who visit my little corner of the internet.

In other, other news, I’m hosting a Jamberry Party for one of my mami friends! If you love Jamberry nail wraps or are curious about trying some, you can order some through my party link here: Mariana’s Jamberry Party!

And if I get a healthy amount of orders, mama’s gonna score some nail wraps and I super need some:


❤ M.

7 thoughts on “Half-ing the Ass

  1. I feel tired just reading this. Keep fighting the good fight, while maybe acknowledging that at this moment in your life, you’re not going to roar back into shape.

  2. Thank you for for this. I do have not gotten sleep in what seems like 3 year. Tomorrow I start the gym. U always help me with u r realness and words

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