2016: Hello From the Other Side

Mobilize (1)

What a year! Really, despite having slipped back with my weight and fitness, it has been nothing short of an amazing year. To recap (like I did last year) the biggest things that happened this year include:

  1. Relocated to Milwaukee from Chicago to be closer to immediate family (on my husband’s side) and live in a more affordable, less congested yet equally awesome Midwest city also on Lake Michigan
  2. Started a new job in college admissions as an events planner and supervisor to student ambassadors.
  3. Watched my oldest child start school
  4. Joined MKE Moms Blog as a contributor. This has pushed me to write posts on the subject of parenting, something I’ve never done before. It has been an awesome experience, a chance I am so glad I took. I even had the third most read post since we launched the site September.
  5. Embraced my shift in priorities: daily workouts and structured meals became less important for a while, particularly in the first half of 2015 when my husband was still commuting to Chicago 4 days a week. There was no way I was going to stress over working out when I was barely sleeping and managing the kids on my own every morning and early evening.
  6. Turned 30! As much as entering a new decade of life scared me, I had a blast celebrating my birthday with friends and loved ones while shedding a few more insecurities from my 20’s along the way. Example: I have a second chin and I don’t give a flying flip, I’m still posting my selfies.

When I logged into 2015bestnine.com the result of my top 9 pictures for the were as follows:

kids, kids, selfie, kids, selfie, my brother’s new puppy, kids, kids, sorority selfie

This year, I have so many goals, mostly professional and physical. As for professional, I’d like step up my writing and social media game. I find that the things I enjoy doing most is writing, creating content for posts, reading and sharing great content and some very amateur graphic design. I’d love to grow Project Unfluff a bit more as well as potentially get to into other areas of writing like motherhood, feminist parenting, and celebrating the incredible accomplishments of women and girls.

I also want to get back into shape. To be clear, I’m not looking to lose a specific amount of weight, I have actually been given a pretty flexible goal by my new doctor which is really nice. I want to get back into “I’m not exhausted all the time” shape. I want to get back to jumping out of bed in the mornings to get my workout on and get moving for the day. I want to use all 24 hours to there fullest, something I’m capable of doing when I have the energy.

So my focus word for 2016 is: MOBILIZE. My husband has this saying: don’t talk about it, be about it. He’s right, I talk a LOT about the things I want to do but very rarely do I ever put those things in motion. So these last few weeks of 2015 have been full of putting things into place like signing up for Fitbloggin’ 2016 (SQUEAL!), ordering a kettlebell for short 20 min at-home workouts and researching some high-protein and omega 3-rich diets (think Mediterranean diet) to really clobber my bad cholesterol and excess weight. I’m trimming back on all of the things I don’t need and laser focusing on the essentials that will allow me to enjoy all the great things life has to offer.

2015 was a very tragic year for our world, I want to savor the things I have that are most near and dear to me. The world has changed in so many ways, a lot of it good, a lot of it terrible. Although I live in a safe community in a seemingly safe side of town, I’m not so naive to think that nothing could ever happen to me or my family so I’m going to do my best to appreciate every hour I get and to MOBILIZE when new ideas and goals inspire me.

Couldn’t close out this post without my second chin being featured.

What will you do to be great this year?

❤ M.


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