Weekly Weigh-In and Diet Bet Time!


So, not surprisingly I’m up again this week. I conferenced all weekend long, work is feeding me twice this week, it’s my lady times (sorry, TMI). All in all, it’s not as much as I anticipated (at least 2 lbs) and like I said last week, I’m enjoying what’s left of my little summer adventures which includes the up and down scale dance.

BUT I have devised a way to get back to business! I set up a Diet Bet for the month of August! It’s a cheap bet of only $10 so my friends and fans can find out what the Diet Bet experience is like! Now I know what you’re thinking: Mariana, I thought you swore off Diet Bets! Yes, for a little while but now that I’ve had a couple of months to recover, I decided to give it another try and I’m taking the pressure of myself this time by making a low bet. If this goes well enough, I’d be happy to consider a higher bet next time.

How does DietBet work exactly? Well, an organizer sets up a game and sets the bet amount. You sign onto to a DB by paying the bet first, submitting a picture of your weight as it shows on the scale and then you have 4 weeks to lose 4% of your body weight! That’s it! The site and the mobile app act as a social media site for you bet. You have a newsfeed that shows everyone’s progress (it doesn’t show your actual weight unless you want it to) and you can cheer each other on, check in your workout and announce any other achievements. So if you’re interested, click on the image below to get the link.

Click to get to my game!
Click to get to my game!

That’s all for this week’s weigh-in! I got some packing to do, sleep to get, miles to run in the morning and a 7 hour road trip after work tomorrow! I wasn’t kidding when I said I’ve ben on the go, go, go!

❤ M.


Weekly Weigh-In: Body in Transition

Since Tuesday is my weigh-in day, I decided to make it my first at home weigh-in now that I’m no longer on Weight Watchers. I’m sad to leave WW but I’m not sad we’ll be saving a little more money each month. I’m also excited to try to find my own groove using MyFitnessPal (username is Intrepidida if you want to connect!). I really love the community there and the fact that I can sync my Fitbit Flex and other apps so all the technology things are talking to each other!

So now it’s onto this week’s weigh-in! Keep in mind, I didn’t share last week’s weigh-in because I was crazy busy recovering from FitBloggin. I was up 2.6 lbs (yeeesh). This week?


Thank you FitBloggin for kicking my booty! It’s true what they say, sometimes results show up a week later. Those 3700 calories I torched in 3 days in Portland finally got me all caught up!

I’ve been thinking a lot about how I’ve been feeling in my new body. When I first started my weight loss journey, it was pretty easy to lose my first 20 lbs and it was exciting to wear a smaller size. Now I’m on the cusp of losing my second 20 lbs and I’ve started noticing how much my actual body is changing.

For anyone that has a lot of weight to lose you’ll notice that your body doesn’t just get small and tighten up all over. Sometimes it happens in sections or just one area will lose all the weight it can before moving on to the next. I’ve always joked that I gain weight from the top down (boobs then waist then butt/legs) but I’ve never engaged in large scale weight loss like this so I have no idea what to expect.

Turns out I lose weight from areas in no particular order. At first, it was my waist then came the booty and then the top shelf. Right now my stomach has gotten really soft, like an old waterbed mattress. It’s strange, awkward and kind of hilarious. Although I fit into smaller sizes, I still have to tuck certain parts in here and squish a love handle around to make a more flattering silhouette. I still have to hike my pants up or girdle up in a nice dress but I wouldn’t trade this body in for my old one. A minor inconvenience for a lifetime of healthier living I suppose!

Speaking of ridiculosity: day 2 on the Body Key system was equally as bizarre as yesterday. I changed up the shake with some almond milk and PB2. I over did the PB2 I think, so I’ll tweak that tomorrow. I tried the appetite suppressing chew today and it was well, here’s how it turned out:


Oh lordy.


❤ M.

Project Unfluff Project #2: What’s A Crash Diet Like?

*Yes, there once was a Project Unfluff Project #1 that was to make over my basement for a work out space but the ceiling is too low and then later it flooded and got kind of nasty so that’s out!

For those who have been following my journey for a while, you know full well that I have made my progress through tracking points (now calories since I’m off of weight watchers :-/ ), exercise and healthy eating. Although I have often thought about changing my life for the better, I never considered doing anything too crazy that required pre-made meals/shakes/bars/pills/gels etc. Quite frankly, those things kind of scare me and I’ve seen and heard plenty of stories from people who have tried some wacky things to lose weight only to eventually give up and gain the weight back (and then some for most).

So when I came back from FitBloggin and looked through all of my swag (<– this post has a giveaway going on until July 12!) I had no idea what to do with the 30 day supply of the Nutrilite Body Key system we were all offered. I took the kit home thinking I’ll take a look, maybe I’ll give it away or try it out. I showed it to mancakes and asked him if he wanted to share the kit with me, or if I should try it on my own. After thinking about it, I didn’t feel right about actually giving it away to a reader because like I said, I don’t really believe in this stuff and I wouldn’t encourage you to do it.

BUT, I have never been through a quick-fix, crash diet and I’ve always wondered what it’s like to ingest all of that craziness, replace a meal with a shake, and take supplements/energy pill thingies. If you are doing something like this or did something like this in the past, I’m not trying to be offensive. I know a lot of people have found success with weight loss systems but it takes persistance, money and in some cases a lifetime of commitment to these kinds of products in order to maintain your weight loss. I know in my heart this is not the kind of weight loss I want to try nor attempt to maintain.

This is why I WANT to try the body key system. I know it sounds crazy and backwards from everything I have ever said. But I also think it’s arrogant to walk around and say I would never try something like this without being able to empathize with those of you that have tried something like this. Curiosity always gets the best of me, it’s what makes me who I am! Mancakes is going to be my partner in crime with this one and I’m glad because this means I’ll only do 2 weeks of the dang thing instead of 4 (high five mancakes!).

So here’s what the Body Key System supplies looks like:

Chocolate Meal Replacement Shake, Appetite Suppressing Chews (eat one, drink 8 oz water to ward off hunger) and aloe vera shots for the first two days. Not pictured: Slimmetry pills (take 2 20-30 min before each meal)
Chocolate Meal Replacement Shake, Appetite Suppressing Chews (eat one, drink 8 oz water to ward off hunger) and aloe vera shots for the first two days. Not pictured: Slimmetry pills (take 2 20-30 min before each meal)

So my understanding is that you replace one meal a day with a shake and take the Slimmetry pills everyday before each meal. There are 4 aloe vera shots in the kit for the first 2 days of the plan, 1 in the morning, 1 in the late afternoon. I did mine today as you can see:

It's not that bad, tastes like sour apple juice. Hence the cringing.
It’s not that bad, tastes like sour apple juice. Hence the cringing.

The fruit chews I have yet to try but mancakes did one today. You chew one up, drink 8 oz of water with it and it’s supposed to ward off hunger until your next meal. He says it worked for him. As for the shake, we both decided we are going to do the shakes for our lunches. Mancakes really enjoyed his shake today, I’m on the fence. The flavor is ok but I prepped it with water. Tomorrow I think I’ll make it with unsweetened almond milk and a scoop or two of PB2 to make it more interesting and maybe a little more satisfying. I was pretty hungry most of the day after lunch. I worked out at 2 and then ate my snack of greek yogurt and a peach followed by a SoyJoy bar on my way home. That helped but I think my metabolism burns pretty hot these days and I think that’s why I stayed pretty hungry.

Top: Lunch and snacks on Body Key (red square is the appetite chew) Bottom: what I usually pack for lunch
Top: Lunch and snacks on Body Key (red square is the appetite chew) Bottom: what I usually pack for lunch

Overall, day one was a bit rough. We’ll see how the next 13 go. Stay tuned!

❤ M.