The Body Remembers

So I’m back to sort of working out on the regular again, I’m on week 2, attempt 5 for 2016 and everything hurts.

My facebook feed creeped on my life so well that I recently clicked on and downloaded an app called Running for Weight Loss (not an affiliate link, just sharing the information). Basically, it’s like Couch to 5K but 8 weeks long and it works in sprint intervals here and there which I found out the hard way this morning. It’s very pushy on getting you to sign up for the premium version so if you’re a cheapskate on a budget, just keep closing out of that and go back to watching The Goodwife like me. I just completed day 3 of that, can you tell?

my body is crying through my pores (1)
My body is crying through my pores


The one thing I can’t stop thinking about lately as I’m easing back into wanting to run [read: walk very briskly] is how much my body remembers and embraces the movement. Back in 2012 when I started Couch to 5K, the first 3 weeks made me feel like I was going to die or at least pass out in the street. I really didn’t enjoy it much, there was no “runner’s high” and if I did the workout on the treadmill, my “running speed” was never faster than a 4.2 max [insert your chortle-snort-giggle here].

But just in the last month or so, not only has the running part been easy to pick back up, my initial speed is higher too. This morning, I was able to break a 5.0 on the treadmill, which again, is not fast but 3 years ago, I would have been this guy if I had even tried it:


It’s insane to me how well the body remembers what I’m capable of. This moment I’m having now that I’m getting back into the gym and into running again reminds me of the vast difference between the labor and birth of my first child compared to my second. With my first, I labored for over 16 hours and had to push for 2 hours mainly because I’d never done this before and I was figuring most of it out. With my son, I barely had time to process that I was in labor, everything went so quickly, my body was so ready that after only 5 hours of labor and 2 pushes and I was holding him in one arm and sharing a sandwich with my husband with the other.

Muscle memory is real. It’s the reason I can get on a bike and balance it after over a decade of riding one. It’s why I can get through these workouts with relative ease even though I’m up 40 pounds since 2014. And it’s why I tell my husband if we were to have a third child, it will likely be a default home or office birth if it goes any faster than our last birth.

It’s an empowering feeling to know that yes, I can do this. I can pick running back up. I can push my body to do the work that fitness demands. Hell, I can even challenge myself to do more than I’ve ever done before if this continues to feel as good and as easy as it does right now. I’m thinking about lifting weights finally! I am that cocky confident right now and this runner’s high has me feeling like I want to be one of those crossfit tire flippers all of a sudden. I know this feeling might not last but for now, I will take this really huge dose of motivation and run with it! Pun Intended.




Twenty Sixteen-ing Like a Boss

It’s been almost 2 months since I declared that I will MOBILIZE this year! And mobilize I have! With the exception of this week (which is super hectic due to work), I have worked out a minimum of 4 days a week and I’m starting to feel awesome!

My eating has not been as on point however but I’m realizing more and more that despite what the general public might believe, I am not a super hero nor do I have 36 hours in a day to conquer everything on my ass-kicking list so 30-40 minutes of exercise a day is a huge accomplishment for me.

By far, the best thing about getting back into the gym has been the way I feel when I’m done. I love getting all sweaty and feeling my muscles pulse after each work out and it feels down right indulgent when I get it in. It is one of the few moments I get to be alone these days and really do something for myself that is for my health and mental well-being. It’s not a secret that exercise releases endorphins and I have to say, the days I come home after a good work out are the days I’m a little less on edge. Sure, my kids will always drive me crazy but if I start my day with a good workout, I don’t feel AS crazy and that’s a vast improvement in the grand scheme of things.

Overall, I’m feeling pretty good and I’m ready for warmer weather so I can start jogging a bit outside.

Because Anchorman

I have a lot of lofty goals this year, many of which will take a lot of time and energy to accomplish. The fact that I get to do this: reinstating a regular workout routine to my 2016 list feels so good.

One of the other areas I’m hoping to kick some serious bootay with is upping my blogging game. My fellow Milwaukee Moms Blog team member Alyson M designed my ADORABLE new button!



I’ve been dreaming of a cloud theme for this blog for years but I lack the design skillz of the pros and Alyson made it happen out of the kindness of her heart so show her blog some love! She has a pretty cool weight loss story too that I know you’ll enjoy.  If you’re a button grabber, you’ll find the code in my side bar. Share away just warn your readers that I’m lousy with the frequency of my posts!

Now on to a few more of my goals including getting started with this Data-Driven Marketing & Social Media Course I purchased recently. I am about to get schooled in the art of social media in hopes that I can do more work in this virtual world that I love so much! Plus, it will be fun to get back to learning something new.

So what’s new with you now that we’re 2 months into 2016???

❤ M.

Things That Are Awesome Right Now


That’s me blowin’ the dust off this blog. I know, I know. I got more content comin’ atcha in the next few weeks don’t worry. Shout out to those still reading this bad boy! You rock my socks.

So here are some things that are awesome right now:

1. My latest before and after picture showing about a 44 pound weight loss!

finally made me a watermark! no steal my photos crazy diet pillz people…

2. This meme that captures my fitness life right now in a digital nutshell


3. My latest fitness plan: 4 weeks of 10K training! Using my favorite 30 day plan calendar. I’m 6 days in and it’s rough but I always like having a plan!

photo (31)

The countdown is on! I’m less than a month away from the Chicago’s Perfect 10 race! 6.2 glorious miles along Chicago lakefront starting at Navy Pier! I hope I can run the whole thing but if not, I’ll be happy just to finish. It’ll be my first spinny medal…”oooooo”…after that, I’m not sure what I’ll be doing next but I have a few ideas I’ll be happy to share once I knock this bad boy out of the way.

So those are a few of my awesome things right now. How about you? What’s your latest non-scale victory or overall plan for awesome?

❤ M.

Observations As of Late

Hey kids. I know I’ve been pretty MIA lately and I apologize. I have had a very busy and eventful social life lately that has kept me from being able to be alone with my thoughts about healthy living and eating these days. The truth is, it seems my immune system has decided to slow me down lately and I’ve had to take it easy this last week or so. It could be a combination of a cold and new allergens permeating my sinuses but I have had low energy and have needed to rest more than anything. So I’ve been listening to my body and taking her cues and taking it easy. My daily workouts last week were daily walks during my lunch hour and I did manage to get to the gym once and actually ran on the treadmill. Surprisingly, however, I didn’t feel as completely renewed and awesome as I usually do after a workout and that all led to my taking a sick day on Thursday when I woke up feeling horrible.

All of this is to say that I’m doing quite well despite feeling so icky lately. I’m not ignoring the signs my body is sending and today is actually the first day in quite a few where I can say I woke up feeling energized so I’m happy about that. Eating hasn’t been nutritionally great but I have noticed a few things this past week that are sure-fire signs that I’m a changed woman!

1. I don’t feel much like grazing throughout the day anymore: I used to be such a huge snacker but nowadays, I’ve been pretty content with 3 meals a day and nothing in between besides water or tea. That’s a huge change for me compared to where I was last year when I always felt like a bottomless pit without a good excuse to be (read: I wasn’t exercising). This leads me to my next observation:

2. I don’t get hung up on food anymore: Not every meal HAS to be this monumental event of colors, flavors and tastes. Sure, I would love it if every meal was like that but if I’m just having oatmeal today or a sandwich for lunch, I’m cool with it as long as my hunger is satiated and I can keep functioning normally. In other words, eating is no longer an emotional event for me. This. is. huge.

3. My mind has slowed its obsession over my weight: I constantly thought about weight loss. My mind was a run on sentence of “Calories in, calories out. Need to work out. Did I pack enough vegetables? Did I eat enough fruit today? My daughter needs new shoes. Forgot to call the dentist. When will I run again? I hope I lost more weight this week. What will I do if I didn’t lose weight?” It was exhausting and at times, scary obsessive.  I know that weight management and healthy eating is a lifestyle but when you’re in the process of losing a lot of weight before you go into maintenance mode, these thoughts are ever present and they can consume you. Now that I’ve opted for a simpler approach to get to my goals and also, I chose to practice Scale-Less September, I’m feeling less obsessed and more action-oriented. It’s like I’ve crossed over to another realm where I am actively making better choices because I enjoy them not just because I’m trying to lose weight.

So that’s where I’m at right now and I’m feeling pretty good about it. I am going to start getting back into the gym this week, especially since this week on Brooke Not On A Diet’s Back to Basics challenge, we are to focus on incorporating more exercise into our day. Perfect timing since I really need to get my rear in gear again! What are you going to challenge yourself to get back into this week? What have you observed has changed for you throughout your journey to a healthier life?

❤ M.

Weekly Weigh-In Post: Things Have Stalled

This morning, as I was putting together my lunch I remembered something Dani from Weight Off My Shoulders said earlier this week on her Facebook Page (which you should check out and like!):


And that’s when it finally clicked in my brain: you, miss lady, have not been measuring and/or watching your portion sizes! I’ve been off of Weight Watchers since early July and apparently I went ahead and threw some very effective habits away along with my membership. This last month or so has been a whirlwind of road trips and stay-cations and visits from friends and bbq’s and outings. And all of that was also happening when I was doing WW but back then, my progress did not stall the way it has these last few weeks. Sure, summer can take its toll on a weight loss routine but I know better than to blame summer fun for weight gain. My portion sizes lately have been out of control. Even though I’m still exercising the same amount, I have somehow shifted back to eating until the walls of my stomach ache as opposed to sticking to correct portion sizes and giving myself time to feel full.

So I pulled out my measuring cups and spoons this morning and got right back to work. I felt really silly that I have been trying to convince myself lately that my body has just stalled, that I might be hitting a plateau. That would only be true if everything that helped me lose 37 lbs in the first place was exactly the same today. And it’s not, I’ve been slacka-lackin’ and part of me wants to blame being away from WW but the other part knows that WW, MyFitnessPal, SparkPeople, etc. all make you track portion sizes and I think I have been under tracking and not really owning up to the actual amount of calories I’ve been taking in.

It’s not easy being on top of every bite you take. After a while all that tracking can get exhausting. And much like the summer mindset, I’ve just been wanting to be more laid back but in all honesty, I still want to lose another 40 pounds and I’m not going to get there with the same habits that made me obese in the first place. Sure, it’s normal to experience a period of no progress but I need to be real with myself (and with you, my readers) right now:

1. I really have no excuse because I’m not particularly busy right now so I need to take advantage of this time.

2. Casa Unfluff would like add another little babycakes to our family in the near future and in preparation for that and for the time it will take to lose weight after another pregnancy in the future, I want to get down in weight as much as possible now. I don’t want to have as much work to do to lose the baby weight next time around! (side note: I’m weirdly excited about really reaping the benefits of the calorie burn from nursing next time around! That was an underutilized weight loss gold mine did not take full advantage of in the 10 months I nursed my daughter.)

3. It will only get harder to lose weight and keep it off as I get older so while I still have 2 years of my 20’s left, I might as well kick major ass now so I can work on maintaining a healthier weight instead of struggling more and more to get there.

So I’m hoping that this is the last of my teeter-totter dance with the scale. I know it will happen here and there but I’m ready for the scale to start going down again and stay down!


Some great things about this past week? How about the fact that my Diet Betters are doing awesome!? As a group of 9, 2 weeks in, we’ve lost a total of 20 lbs and counting! That’s pretty flippin’ awesome. I can’t wait to see how far this little group goes. Also, check out my progress pic:


I really dig that I have less face fluff. Going back to having only one chin and also having a smaller chest (TMI but I don’t care!) are two huge aesthetic goals that I have. I’m glad I posted this picture today because it keeps me focused and affirms that what I’m doing is noticeable and I’m transforming even if the scale tells me otherwise. The new haircut doesn’t hurt either… 😉

And finally, shout out to mancakes! He’s one of the betters that has lost weight AND he has done a fantastic job with meal planning and cooking this week! Here are the things we’ve had this week:

Monday Dinner: Skillet Mexican Zucchini

Tuesday Dinner: Pizza Night (we had a sitter and got to go to the movies!)

Wednesday Breakfast: Homemade fresh peach compote for pancakes

Wednesday Dinner: Baked Eggplant Boats with Sausage

Tonight’s Dinner: Naked Turkey Bruschetta Burgers 

All of those have been nothing short of amazing! Nice job, mancakes!

That’s all for this week’s weigh-in! I got a new Suggestion Box coming soon that will be all about Meal Planning!

❤ M.

Race Recap: The Color Run Chicago 2013

20130616-190529.jpgOh my! I’ve been so caught up with other stuff this week I forgot to give you a race recap of my very first 5K ever! Well, I take that back. I walked Race for A Cure a few years ago but this is the first time I have ever prepped to run a race.

On Sunday, I had the pleasure of meeting up with my girlfriends/sorority sisters for what I would call a running/walking party. The Color Run is an untimed race in which you agree to be doused in heavily pigmented powder while you move about the course. The race pack includes a white t shirt, a white sweatband embroidered with “Color Runner” on it, a “The Color Run” tattoo, race bib and your very own packet of color. Mine was orange. Since my bestie Liz picked up my race pack for me, I’m stealing her picture of what it all looked like.

We agreed to meet up before the race on Sunday morning and head over together as a group. Preparations for the start line included checking out people’s white or rainbow tutus, saying hi to the group who chose to dress up as white unicorns, and prepping our faces with our tattoos which only ended up working out the best on me as tatting it up on the street does not guarantee a clean tat-to-skin transfer.

It was a gorgeous day but even at 8 in the morning it was already hot! I have never run in more than 76 degrees so it was a first for me. The race took place entirely downtown, with most of Congress shut down from Balbo to Randolph. This was probably the best thing about the race, getting to run in the middle of downtown Chicago with skyscrapers on one side and Lake Michigan on the other! Beautiful if I do say so myself!


What an awesome view from the train on the way in!

As our wave started, i was really excited to get going. I also realized i was pretty serious about this whole running thing. A lot of people, including my friends walked this bad boy out but i was determined to run as much as i could. This proved to be difficult because every half mile or so there was a color station in which volunteers stood around barrels full of color powder and doused you with it. People went nuts over these stations, begging to get coated, throwing powder at friends and on themselves. Some even went as far as getting on the ground to make color dust angels. But i was not having any of it, i tried moving through the stations as quickly as i could, covering my face with my shirt to avoid inhaling the stuff (note to self: next time wear a bandana on the face). Despite the stations that forced me to walk through, i only voluntarily walked for 2 minutes just a little ways away from the finish. Like i said, it was really hot and my body was asking me to take it easy and not kill myself over a casual, untimed run. I should have brought a small bottle of water with me in my converted purse-fanny pack. I have no idea what my time was, my running apps couldn’t get gps in the area but it looked like i finished in about 40 minutes which is the pace i had been keeping on my own.

owder but it looked like everyone had a really good time! I would do it again, but maybe make a few adjustments like something to cover my nose and mouth from the powder and also a much more creative running outfit! The color powder really follows you around though! It’s still on my shoes, I had to loofah my entire body when I got home and me, mancakes and babycakes all produced blue and green boogers until Tuesday. Ewwwww.

Overall, it was a blast and I would maaaaybe do it again. I will say that if you’re looking for a fun run with your kids, this is it!

❤ M.


The Results Are In!

Last week I had my annual physical exam. I went in weirdly excited because I was hoping to learn more about what is going on on the inside that might start to match what’s happening on the outside.

Real quick: my family has a history of abnormally high cholesterol. Even the people who look healthy and fit and work really hard to be that way still have to battle high cholesterol so it’s one of those genetic-y icky things we have to watch out for. When I went in for a physical last year, I got really terrible results. Like, doc wanted to put me on Lipitor at 26 years old terrible! But I was still nursing my daughter at the time and I told her I was planning on having at least one more child at some point so she told me to get it together health-wise and she would hold off on prescribing the drug until I’m done having and nursing babies (Lipitor is not recommended for women who are still in range of baby having, too unsafe for the kiddos). I left that appointment terrified for my health and ashamed because I knew I was making choices that weren’t helping me at all.

Now back to present day: I got my results today and my cholesterol has dropped a whopping 40 points! My LDL (the bad cholesterol) is down 32 points from last year and my HDL (the good stuff) is now in a normal range after being too low last year. My vitamin D is still crazy low like it was last year and as always, my iron is also low (despite the silly amount of spinach I eat on the regular). I’ll need to take mega vitamin D doses again and get back on that iron pill (I take a natural supplement that’s easy on the digestive system. email me if you want the brand) In addition to all of this, my BMI has also dropped 5 points.


This is FANTASTIC NEWS!!!! I’m not even half way through my health and fitness goals so imagine what this all will look like when I get there! This is the best news I have heard since I started this journey and I couldn’t be more fired up to keep going.

Oh and here’s today’s weigh-in in case you missed it. Keep fightin’ the good fight Unfluffers!


Weekly Weigh-In: It Had to Happen


Well Unfluffers, all good things must come to an end…like 9 straight weeks of weight loss. To my credit, I had some struggles last week that were out of my control.

For starters, allergy season is in full force and this might be the worst one I have ever experienced. Right now, I’m taking two different 24 hour allergy meds and using my rescue inhaler everyday. The first half of last week I spent barely sleeping between the asthma and the post nasal…well you know. Working out was nearly impossible until later in the week because I could barely catch my breath. I also lost my voice entirely Wednesday-Saturday which made communicating in person rather difficult. I was a mess and with two thirds of my little family down for the count (babycakes was sick too) there was a lot of convenience-over-nutrition meals. On Sunday alone we had McDonald’s twice because we were on the go visiting family out of town. The sodium from those two meals plus not drinking enough water probably did me in among other things.

Not to mention, I was just under the weather and not up for putting too much effort into my meals by the end of the week. We started off strong though! For the first half of the week we busted out the crock pot for these two Skinnytaste recipes: Chicken a La Criolla and Pernil (both Puerto Rican meals). They were awesome! I served the chicken over brown rice on Monday, the pernil with white rice and black beans on Tuesday and we mixed the pernil with BBQ sauce for pork sandwiches on Wednesday. On Saturday mancakes made this fantastic meal on the grill too:


So anyway, I know I can’t win them all and it makes sense that I gained. But I’m doing a diet bet dammit! I can’t be gaining!

So in response I put in 3 workouts since yesterday and I’m drinking water like a fish. Here’s to hoping it pays off!

Here’s an NSV just to end on a positive note. The picture on the left is me 30ish pounds ago. The one on the right was taken today. Less face fluff! Holla!


❤ M.

Weekly Weigh-In: Say Whaaaaat???

I have A LOT to discuss tonight! Let’s start with last week and work our way up. So as you probably recall, last week’s weigh-in was…for lack of a better term, crap. Although granted, Brooke from Brooke Not On A Diet reminded me that a loss is a loss and mine was probably the equivalent of a stick of butter so I really can’t be so down. But alas, that WI did bring me down a bit and I was feeling pretty discouraged and a bit burnt out for the rest of the week. Just yesterday, David from Single Dad Becoming Rad was just checking in to see how my nutrition and fitness was going and I pretty much confessed that my fitness is what’s keeping my progress afloat these days. I haven’t gone crazy and binged on unhealthy stuff but I’ve been getting tired of tracking and a little less mindful of my eats. I’ve been doing Weight Watchers for 5 months now and I have tracked everyday. I’m le tired of that but it’s such an engrained habit now that I’m afraid that if I don’t track, I’ll get irresponsible and make mindless choices. I’m considering challenging myself to go a week without tracking just to see how I do but I’ll wait until after my diet bet is over.

There have been loads of victories this past week too! First and most obvious, how about my weigh-in!?


Wow! I haven’t lost that much in a week since last month and I will attribute this loss to the lunch time workouts I got in at work last week and my effort to stand at my work desk as much as possible throughout the day (I’m going on 5 days now!). Additionally, although I felt icky yesterday, I still managed to make it through my workout. My RunKeeper assignment was to run 2.5 miles so off I went to my new favorite park for a run after work and although I made it to the park by jogging I struggled with the wind since there are no buildings to break it up in the park. I was still hurtin’ from Saturday’s run and I wasn’t feeling my best either but I did manage to run all the way home once I hit buildings. After getting home for some hydration and dinner, I took a long Epsom salt bath to ease the pain in my legs and detox whatever ick was trying to stick around in my body. I hit the hay still sweating the toxins out (icky I know) and woke up feeling so much better! Seriously, try an Epsom salt detox bath whenever you are sore or feel sickness coming on, it does wonders! Here’s a link for a how-to detox bath.

Today only made this new week better. I went to work in a dress I bought 4 years ago but never wore because it was always too tight. When I bought it, I planned to work my way into it but as it turns out, it took me 4 years to get here. Regardless, I felt like a champ and I think I looked great, check it:

Blurry picture! I mean "action shot"
Blurry picture! I mean “action shot”

I finally made it to a WW meeting today after only going to weigh-in the last 3 weeks.  I’ve been booked around lunch time on my meeting days the last few weeks but today, I finally made it to a meeting and what a day to be able to go! It turned out to be a Mariana party because I got to celebrate 3 huge milestones: another 5 lb loss, losing more than 25 lbs total and losing at least 10% of my starting weight! I got two very important tokens today to mark my accomplishments and I am so excited! Check out my WW BLANG BLANG!

photo (1)

This was timely too as today’s topic was about anchors or symbols/items that remind us why we are working so hard to lose weight and get healthy. Examples of anchors might be a belt you get to tighten over time as you lose, the before picture that made you realize it’s time to change, tokens reminding you of your successes (like my new blang!) or, in my case, clothes that you hope to fit into again someday. This morning, that dress was my anchor, I’ve tried it on at least 3 times since I began this journey but today was the first time I felt good about leaving the house in it. Now and moving forward, it’s my 10% keychain and 25 lbs ring on my keys that will remind me how far I’ve come and to keep pushing forward.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you about all the stuff I needed to talk about today! Tomorrow is another exciting day, I get to do my first weigh-in as a Single Dad Becoming Rad Featured Follower! I’ve been a part of the FB group for over a week now and everyone has been really supportive and so inspirational! We weigh-in once a month, work to increase our running pace time and set health goals. Also, each month David works really hard to do a giveaway too so like his page if you want to get in on that! This month, he’s giving away two free entries for the Warrior Dash and two free entries for the Color Run! Last month it was a Kindle sooo…there’s some good stuff goin’ on there!

Alright I’m tired. It’s been an exciting day and I am fired up and ready to make it this best week ever! What are you doing to rock it out this week??

❤ M.

Weekly Weigh-In: The End of a Calorically Delicious Era


And there it is. Still not a gain, but only a fraction of a loss. I’ll take it but not without being reminded that my slippage in food choices has finally caught up to me. Last week, I kinda freaked out and ate a lot of sweets, pasta and bread. I want to blame my special lady time but quite frankly, I’ve gotten through several of those already with just enough restraint to not go overboard and hit the free lunch buffet twice (like I did last week)

So now that I’ve been reality-checked by the scale today, it’s a really good time to turn this ship around! And it’s perfect timing because tomorrow my very first DietBet begins! I have a month to lose about 8 lbs so I really can’t play around with my nutrition. I gotta keep that on lock down if I want to win some money. I’ve been contemplating a few things I might try to make my win more likely:

1. Try boot camp or Insanity or a true 30 days of 30 Day Shred again. Basically, strength training circuits are what I know are going to help melt the pounds away.

2. Switch from the Tracking Method to the Simply Filling Method on Weight Watchers. Since I started WW, I have tracked and calculated points for everything. I’m a little tired of doing that and I find that I start to obsess a little too much about point values and earning activity points. By switching to Simply Filling, I’ll have to stick to what WW calls Power Foods which are basically, fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, lean meats and proteins and non-fat dairy. Anything that you eat that’s not on the list can be tracked and deducted from your weekly points (still 49). The rest, as long as they’re power foods, don’t have to be tracked but if you do, they don’t count against your daily points plus value. Basically, it’s clean eating and anything that’s not clean should be tracked and deducted.

3. Instead of eating my activity points (or for you calorie trackers, eating the calories you burned off in exercise), I’m going to try to not touch them at all. Right now, I have them set to daily use but I’m going to try not using them at all. Obviously, i don’t want to let myself get too hungry so as long as I’m loading up on power foods, I should be fine!

The way I see it, it couldn’t hurt to try something new. Variety is a great remedy to slumps in weight loss and although I wouldn’t say I’m in a slump right now, I’m getting close and I can’t let that happen if I want to have a chance at this bet.

I do have some NSV’s to report however! First, this weekend I pulled out some jeans I almost gave away because when I bought them at the thrift store without trying them on, they were too small. These are regular sized jeans, NOT “W” jeans which for those that don’t know, a “W” next to a number size indicates it’s a Woman-size, aka plus size. Well I pulled those bad boys out on Sunday after realizing that my W’s were getting a little loose and low-and-behold the regular jeans fit! I felt awesome all day! Seriously I just wanted to check my butt out in every reflective surface I walked by. Next, I took a chance on a smaller raincoat when I found one on clearance last week.I figured I was still losing weight, it would be a good piece to work into along the way. Well that coat fit much better today than it did just 5 days ago! Last, I also measured myself this morning. I’m down 2.8 inches since April 2nd! Since I began this journey, I have now lost 11.3 inches! That’s almost a foot of fluff, folks! <–say that 5 times fast.

In other news, I’m in the process of writing a post all about my favorite fitness apps! Stay tuned for that one.

❤ M.