I have been DYING to write this post for WEEKS!

Looky, looky!


Yes! Casa Unfluff is having another baby! We are ecstatic and we can’t wait to meet Babycakes 2.0 (or baby dos as I like to call him/her) So. Here are the things that have been going on these last few months:

1. My last major workout project was training for the Pretty Muddy Run that occurred back in August. Right after that, the fatigue and nausea hit me pretty hard and I was down for the count for pretty much all of September. I went to the gym about twice a week until a few weeks ago when I stopped going altogether.

2. I never really had morning sickness with my daughter but this time around, I was nauseated for almost 3 weeks straight! I had to force feed myself most meals, ate mostly bland, processed things cuz fresh food grossed me out and although I usually have a terrible sense of smell, some days I could smell EVERYTHING all at once and it was awful.

3. I thought first trimester last time was exhausting but now that I have a toddler among other full time commitments, I would fall asleep on the couch after dinner everyday from about weeks 6-9 this time around and crawl into bed at least an hour earlier than usual most days.

4. I have had a terrible time staying motivated enough to keep working out! I’m so tired nowadays that the thought of running and/or getting sweaty repulses me. Yes, I know I can’t stop working out now and that it is in fact the best time to keep exercising. My energy levels are back on the rise lately and I have a 10K in 2 weeks I have to run so I’m well aware that I need to get my shit together. I have accepted the fact that I will do my best and FINISH the race but if I don’t run the whole thing, I am ok with that and I will add running a full 10K to my list of post-baby fitness goals for next year.

5. Things are so different now that I’m more fit! I feel so much stronger this time around and I look awesome! I do! I look like I’m glowing, I have more confidence in my body and even though I’m already showing (which everyone says happens after the first pregnancy), I don’t feel self-conscious nor am I scared about getting big and swollen like last time (well I will get big but I’m looking forward to it). My health stats are great, I’ve committed to fighting my anemia and my latest blood test proves that I am NOT anemic right now AND since the day I found out I was pregnant over 2 months ago, I have only gained 1.5 lbs (even though my eating hasn’t been as on point as usual).

Overall, this will be a different pregnancy because I’m a different person now. Last time, I had no energy ever because I didn’t have an established workout routine or good eating habits. And although last week’s hot wings and yesterday’s cheeseburger and chocolate sundae were my idea and me giving in to some cravings, I’ve already worked on compensating for those moments of giving-in by cutting out excess snacking and most of my boredom-related calories because I’m committed to not getting carried away this time. Also, like last time but earlier in this pregnancy, I’m getting fuller faster and I’m not pushing past that fullness like I used to as the old Mariana. I’m really trying hard to pay attention to how I’m feeling and the choices I am making lately. Some days have been bad (like really bad, almost all three meals bad) but most days are balanced out nicely and I’ve been mostly intuitive with my choices.

Additionally, I’ve joined a research study through my hospital called MomFit. I haven’t been chosen for the control group or intervention group yet but they will be tracking my health stats and if I’m chosen for the intervention group I’ll meet with a nutritionist and have a postpartum wellness coach! This is a study for women who are starting off their pregnancies overweight in an effort to learn what kind of interventions might help prevent excess pregnancy weight gain and healthier babies and mamas. I’m really excited about this! I went in today for initial screening and they have me wearing an activity tracker for the next 9 days. It’s not as cute as my fitbit flex though:

photo (1)

So that’s my big announcement and the reason why you haven’t heard much from me lately! It’s been not so easy keeping up with all the super Unfluff stuff and I’ve had to slow down and work on accepting that I’ll be putting on a little bit of weight again and have switched instead to wholesome eating and at least getting my 10K steps in as much as possible. On to Adventures in Pregnancy! I’m really excited about this next little chapter of our lives 🙂

my bump, my bump, my bump, my bump, check it out!

❤ M.