Happy New Year! What 2014 Meant To Me

I realize I’ve been ghost on here but relocating to a new city with 2 little ones has been nothing short of time-consuming! I had another great year even though health wise, I turned my focus away from weight loss as I spent the first 5 months of 2014 pregnant and all the time after just focusing on having a healthy breast milk supply and letting nature do its thang in regards to my postpartum weight loss. I’m happy to report that I arrived at my pre-pregnancy weight (which was 42 lbs down from my highest weight ever) and have remained there since June.

Now that my son is 8 months old and eating solids, it’s time to start focusing more attention on what I eat and how much exercise I’m getting. Truth is, the exercise part will be a challenge since we are still not sleeping through the night. If I learned one thing from my previous weight loss success, it’s that it’s pretty hard to nail down a great work out routine without a healthy amount of sleep. In my case, I’m particularly successful when I can work out first thing in morning but the way things are going lately, I’d be looking at lunch time or post-work work outs at best. I’ll ease into it, all I know is that it’s time to get focused once again because I’m halfway to my goal weight and I’d love to get there in 2015 because I turn 30 this year cue my uncontrollable sobs!

Just like last year’s recap post, here are the awesome things that happened in 2014!

Awesome Pregnancy!
Awesome Pregnancy! I carried to 38 weeks since baby boy was always measuring a few weeks ahead in size. Total pregnancy weight gain: 20 lbs. (gained 35 with my first)
Speedy and joyous birth of my son
On April 24th we welcomed our son Oscar after only 5 hours of labor and 2 pushes! He was almost 9 lbs and 21 inches of awesome.
So long baby weight! Time to get back to work.
So long baby weight! By mid-July I said goodbye to my 20th lb of baby weight and even won my first DietBet!

That’s pretty much it. All baby related but such is life! I got back to prepping my meals and tracking this week and I’ve decided to start taking advantage of the free gym at work but this time I’m going to start weight lifting! After reaching out to my FitBloggin friends, I’ll be checking out The New Rules of Lifting for Women as soon as my new local library has it available. Barbells and dumbells and weight machines oh my!

What are you up this year? Tell me all about it!

❤ M.


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