Day 1 Fer Real This Time

Last week was a soft start. Much like a soft opening of a new restaurant in which you only let your investors, friends and family come try out the place before it opens to the public, I started off last week having brought healthier meals as a way to get my feet wet. The week went pretty well but this weekend was a bit shakey with mostly junky meals but little to no alcohol or snacking to make up for it a bit.

But today, today is the Grand Opening of Project Unfluff Part Deux. I have food for the day packed, I am heading to the gym as we speak with my new 5×5 workout spreadsheet printed and ready to go!


I even packed flip flops, a towel and shower gear in case I get super sweaty. It’s happening and I’m ready because I crave doing something for me once again. Taking care of 2 youngins nonstop really makes it easy to forget to take time to take care of yourself! But between the hours of 8 am and 5 pm Monday-Fridays I have a say on what happens with my lunch hour and breaks while daycare takes care of the rest so mama’s gonna go do her gym thang.

What are you taking care of this week??

❤ M.

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